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Problems Faced At Site – Project Report – Multistoried Boys Hostel

Problems Faced At Site

There were numerous problems which were faced at site. Some of these were purely due to the human errors and poor workmanship but some were due to unseen factors.

1. There was a problem in providing beams at one location as per the standard drawings so the drawings were changed by consulting the structural designers and architect

2. There was problem pouring concrete in one beam due to small area available for pouring and compacting. The solution to this problem was that the size of steel was increased but the number of steel bars was decreased so as to provide the total area same.

3. No window was there in staircases which lead to complete darkness, so it was decided to change the drawing by consulting the concerned authorities.

4. The depth if beam above the door was 3’5” earlier but to keep the size of the door as per the standard it was changed to 3’.


5. Frequent power cuts lead to increase in the cost of construction as generators were used to meet the power requirements

6. Laying of foundations was postponed by 1 month due to the rainy season.

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11 comments on "Problems Faced At Site – Project Report – Multistoried Boys Hostel"

muthu says:

thank u very much u should have to post more thing s like this it will much usefull for beginner like me

manimaran says:

im maran,i ve finished in civil engineering then im doing M.E(construction engg mgt).
i ve seen ur six month training project report very nice and very good.i ve studied ur reports,
i ve learned about lot of thing and technical point…….
thank you …

varun says:

hey,good work man… this was truly informative i wish there must be a project like this in engineering colleges so they can get to see onsite conditions

m a bagalkot says:

hey its nice to see such a web site which deals with latest technology info
realy great and expect more
thnak you

anuj khokher says:

“hey i gone through the report it really superb and truly i did my summer traning honestly
but was’nt really the format of report so as to put my my practical knowledge on the paper.
m really very thank full to u……….
also some of works i missed at site i found there in the report and again went to the site
to get hands on with works i missed……..”
thnx a lot……..

ikechukwu emmanuel says:

I’m a finalyear student in need of relevant materiel on;effect of chemical and oil contaminants on soil properties pls help me

Jagadeesh says:

Report gives clear idea for career beginers.. presently i am working as a planning engineer
at dubai. i finished my MTECH in Construction Engg & Management from IIT delhi.

anand says:

hi this anand i need sample planning for hostel constuction plz is there any specific web site 4 more details bez its my project work. plz send the details……

vijay choudhari says:

this is vijay ….i required some information related to your project.please state your identifying objective,its function,organisation structure,project cost,project duration, stackholders related to project , resources, constraints….just for studying purpose………….

omar says:

What are the problems that a civil engineer could face?

Bowciya says:

Hi This is Bowciya will you help me for the topic Effective management of solid waste in municipality.

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