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This is S.Sivakumar from Civil Engg Dept., IIT Madras. First let me salute Mr.Kanwarjot Singh and his team members for their excellent contribution to the civil engineering during their very budding period of their carrier.

I want to do some meaningful/visible contributions to Mr.Kanwarjot Singh and his team members at the earliest. Many Thanks. Jai Hind.

MP Sirisha
i congratulate Mr.kanworjit singh for this contribution.I am a lecturer in civil engg. in a Govt. polytechnic with 12 years of teaching experience.I found your site very useful. I was searching for some information on FILLER MATERIALS, used for low cost housing.Can anybody share some information about the same.
Thank you and best wishes.
Apurba Baruah
Very good note regarding the Engineering, also knowledgeble too.Thank you for providing such paper on site
Respected sir, It is really a fortunate to me to study all civil lab. test procedures in a single place
This is more of an essential web especially to the upcoming Civil Engineers as well as those in the field
The Study Material is really very good and useful. Thank You…
P S Venu
I like the way in which it has been put up it is the foremost site for the engineering civil to what i need to convey i go through this site compulsorily as i am the civil engineer
I am a getechnical engineer ,and this subject is useful for me

K.Arun Prasad
It is one of the most useful web site for the civil engineers, who are especially for the quality related persons.

This is a great site for Civil Engineers. Highly informative… Civil Engineering is ever dynamic..Good job guys… I promise to be active in this and share my own quota too..
Wow this site is really superb. I, about to join in the bachelor degree of civil engineering in a college in tamil nadu, am really eager to learn this beautiful course. I think this site will be of great help in my studies.I want to be a part of many historical construction.
Me student of civil engineering, thank u very much for your study supporting materials.
am civil student this site is very helpful to verify my doubts in my studies .
i give a suggestion to this site shows videos and explain with images is very helpful to us
Venkatesan, trichy
we have 10 years experience but i think still we are learning extrement of civil in this site as a student very very useful thanks thanks my lord
HS Sekhon
Kanwarjot !! you has done very appreciable work which provides a lot of technical knowledge
on whole episode for civil engineers who could not physically visit the site due to
their personal reasons but can understand the causes and effects of under estimation of any project and its consequences later on.
I just love this site
bcoz it gives…
lots & lots of information ….
about new career.
Kattlenn hope
thanx, the infos in this site is a great help specially for us, bsce students…
Hi All!!
It’s really nice to have a site purely for Civil Engineers.
Thank you very much “The Developers” for this valuable work.
Hope this will help all the Engineering Graduates and Professionals all over the world.
Thank you!
Good Luck you all in your carriers!!!
Fahad khan
Its really a big collection, thanxssss maN………….
this is a wonderful work did by various Professionals i thank a lot for their sharing of knowledge
yup, its really a big collection.
Thanks buddy ; saved our time.
thanx a lot .. i was seriously in need of this test procedure
this site helps a lot for the guys who enter the world of civil engineering. thank you very much for the
team which created this site.
hi all,,, this is really the best civil engineering site i have been trough… i congratulate all and thanks for there contribution and effort for helping others as n when require!!!!!
Niladri kanjilal
Outstanding. You don’t believe that right now i am sitting in a too much interior side in Tamilnadu. this site gives outstanding support
great work dude ..what a collection …thnx so much !!!
Very interesting & informative web site providing a lot of knowledge.
nice web site thanks for the author

This site is too good for freshers. i like engineering bcoz engineers and architect makes the world beautiful

I love Engineering ‘coz of CIVIL…
Bista DB
This is the best website for civil engineering students and professionals.
Ankit verma
this site is help to me for many time in presentation,paper presentation etc. ithink is ther best site for all civil engineers
P kishore kumar reddy
It is very good site and like it it is very useful to any of engineering graduate
Pranav Shinde
Its the best site ive ever seen 2 civil engineerng.Keep it up…..
Chau Suktana Enling
Very nice and helpful.
Hello every body-I am a persian student the website is great-thank you
Henneh Kota
One of the best Civil Engineering Site ever and a good one for would be engineers like myself.
Engr Niaz Panhwar
This is an excellent site for engineers to strengthen their theoretical knowledge in the field of civil engineering. Thanks
Excellent Effort… Hope for the best in Future… What a Civil Engineering Collection.
Hi, it feel great to see the site especially for civil engineers.
its a very nice collection . now i feel that iam a civil engineer really
It is very good site for me because i am lecturer.Please do include other aggregate test also.
Sanjib agarwalla
this site is very usuful for me and for others civil engineer.without having eny book at site we may guide to others for testing of materials with the help of this site only.
this is what i’ve been looking for..simple and straightforward! thanks
good job yaar you people rockz
Pranab Bhattacharya
This is the best site for any civil engineer. My hats off to the in charge/ head of this site. best site I have ever visited. Thank you very much. Make it more interesting by submitting latest dev in this field around the world etc. , latest const techniques, machinery etc.

this is really good reference for those who dont have proper visualization in construction, basically of Architecture or Civil Eng. Students, they can easily understand the ratio of cement and aggregate and so many things…with this

I like this site real good. it nice talk to people who speak real good. Civil engineers is the best smart engineers.
Prakash Ch. Pant
This is a very good and important site for every Civil Engineer.I feel lucky after finding this site.
Hail to the site developers!! what agr8 collections for each n every single essentials for d civil engineers

hats off to u guys……………

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abhimanyu says:

Good work. Very helpful site for all civil engineers.

sandip ghosh; app civil engg says:

very helpful for civil engg. students & civil engineers .please keep it up forever

Johnson D'souza says:

This is the one of the best sites for Civil Engineers.Here Engineer are satisfied their problems with preffered solutions . I m so crazy about this Site . Thanks.

Bharathi says:

Very useful site it is. I want to know about Foam concrete (no aggregate concrete or light weight concrete). So please post some research papers related to it.



satty says:

realy good………… keep it up

Abhijit says:

Excellent site covers maximum aspects of civil engg. under one roof only.


This is one of the best site for civil engineers, either in the job in teaching r in the provides the satisfied materials for civil engineerrs.

Er VJ Muthuraman says:

This is the one of the best sites for Civil Engineers.Here Engineer are satisfied their problems with preffered solutions . I m so crazy about this Site . Many more Thanks for the website to Ever green CEP”.

ali says:

This is one of the best site for civil engineers, either in the job in teaching r in the provides the satisfied materials for civil engineerrs.

Vky says:

I want to interview question with answer for diploma fresher

Mandela Charles says:

i just like this site cause its a modelling site for upcoming engineers like us


it’s my pleasure to be here


This good site good for civil engineers to do/recollect best construction practices.

Rahul M jani says:

The best civil engineering website I’ve visited. I very much appreciate your sincere efforts for making this website. Love.

ashiraf says:

whats the difference between bridge and box culvert

salman says:

the box culvert is constructed for small roads or we can say Box culvert is also constructed for small span like 3M bridges is constructed for main roads and at river its span is longer

Vijaygovindula says:

Regarding how to increase the strength of clc casting g wall on sight ,using g form works structures

Pankaj says:

information is very much usefull to all

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