What is the Shear on Connectors?

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We take the smaller value out of these two conditions to calculate the total horizontal shear which is to be to be resisted by the shear connectors in building construction
Vh= 0.85fcAc/2
Vh=As Fy/2
Vh = Total horizontal shear, kip (kN), between maximum positive moment and each end of steel beams (or between point of maximum positive moment and point of contraflexure in continuous beam)
fc= Specified compressive strength of concrete at 28 days, ksi (MPa)
Ac = Actual area of effective concrete flange in inch2(mm2)
As = Area of steel beam in inch2(mm2)

In continuous composite construction, the total horizontal shear, kip (kN), between an interior support and each adjacent point of contraflexure should calculated by

Vh = AsrFyr/2

Asr= Area of longitudinal reinforcement at support within effective area in ich2(mm2 );

Fyr= Specified minimum yield stress of longitudinal reinforcement, ksi (MPa).

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