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Civil Engineering Presentations

A Project on Residential Building PPT

P.M. Nadeem
Sk. Mohammad Ali
Mohd Habeeb Ullah Shareef
Syed Junaid Imran

Under The Guidence Of Prof. M.A Hameed (M.Tech)


This presentation covers following topics
1. Analysis And Design Of Residential Building
2. Principles Of Planning
3. Structural Planning And Designing
4. Slabs
5. Beams
6. Columns
7. Foundation

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We are thankful to Mohd Habeeb Ullah Shareef for submitting this presentation and helping all civil engineers around the world in understanding the concept of foundations.

Presentation on Foundation

Mohd Habeeb Ullah Shareef
Student of DCET, Hyderabad

This presentation covers following topics
1) What is foundation?
2) Types of foundations along with brief overview of each of them which include

a) Shallow Foundation which is further classified into

i. Spread Footing
ii. Raft Foundation
iii. Compensated Foundation

b) Deep Foundation which is further classified into

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Project Management Skills Presentation

By Sanjay Sharma BE (Civil Engineering), MBA (International Business Operations), PhM (Infrastructure Management)

Presentation Outline
Introduction to Project Management

To understand the project Life Cycle
1. Project Planning
2. W B S
3. Project Scheduling
4. Project Control


To apply tools and technique’s
Gantt chart /& Mail stone chart CPM
PERT & Probabilistic Activity Times
Project Crashing and Time-Cost Trade-off
Describe how CPM / PERT have developed and merged together to provide a useful technique for managing projects.

Download the Project Management Skills Presentation in pdf format here

Presentation on Reinforcing Detailing Of R.C.C Members

Presented By

According to USA President Herbert Hoover, who was an engineer before he became a politician, said:
The great liability of the engineer …compared to men of other professions……is that his works are out in the open where all can see them.
His acts …..step by step …are in hard substances.
He cannot bury his mistakes in the grave like the DOCTORS.
He cannot argue them into thin air…..or blame the judge… the LAWYERS.
He cannot, like the ARCHITECT, cover his figures with trees and vines.
He cannot, like the politicians, screen his shortcomings by blaming his opponents….and hope the people will forget. The ENGINEER simply cannot deny he did it.
If his works do not work……he is damned.

Important Points from Presentation
A design engineer’s responsibility should include assuring the structural safety of the design, details, checking shop drawing.
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Seismic Disaster Mitigation

An approach on how to counter the damages caused by the earthquake in high risk areas of Pakistan.

An applied study on different types of construction techniques in order to make a structure complaint and be able to withstand lateral forces lateral forces.
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