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Civil Engineering Tools

Steel Quantity Calculator

Steel is the most used material in construction industry as it provides tensile strength to concrete. Please note the formula mentioned below is based on a thumb rule which is mostly used by civil engineers on field.

We need to first calculate the volume of concrete and then we multiply them with the Steel Weight in each member type. Refer to the table below for each member’s weight.

Use this tool to calculate the quantity of steel required.

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STAAD Pro vs ETABS – Which is Better?

This debate is common nowadays because of civil engineer’s shifted nature towards AI-based calculations and techniques. These software are used for designing 3D structures, analyzing them, and calculating reinforcements requirements in the building. These are very effective in saving time by engineers, avoiding long calculations that took days, and experimenting with various designs just by clicking on the moderations in seconds. These softwares are allrounder and are compatible with other BIM softwares too. Like for instance, the AUTOCAD drawing file can be imported to STAAD and nodes, and beams can be generated for analysis, and so on.

There are endless possibilities with these softwares, and it varies from person to person, company to companies whether they use these softwares for one motive or the other.
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Mild Steel Sheet Weight Calculator – Online MS Sheet Weight Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the weight of Mild Steel (MS) Sheet Weight.
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Area Conversion Tool – Online Area Converter

Use this conversion to tool to convert area into different units.

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Length Conversion Tool – Online Length Converter

Use this conversion to tool to convert length into different units. Just enter the number and choose units and it will convert it instantaneously.

If you want any other unit conversion, feel free to let us know by the comment box below.

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