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Is Civil Engineering Suitable For Girls?

Is Civil Engineering Suitable For Girls?

This question has been raised again and again whether girls should do civil engineering or not. I am still not able to understand why people think girls are not suitable for civil engineering. In fact, in my opinion girls can and should do civil engineering. Many people say Civil engineering is field engineering and girls would have difficult time in working with labor class and would face numerous other site problems. But why those people forget that civil engineering is not limited to only field engineering, in fact its one of the broadest field of engineering. Girls can opt for office jobs like analysis, designing, tendering, managing projects and many other office jobs.

So if you think you have the will power to enter this male dominant engineering, just do it. Don’t let others decide your future, if you want to be a civil engineer just go for it. In future you surely can opt for off-site jobs if you think on-site jobs are a bit difficult due to surroundings or circumstances.


On a personal note, I did my civil engineering and in my class also we had 3 girls who opted for civil engineering. Two out of three are well placed in office jobs where as third one has opted for a project management in construction diploma. So if you have the right attitude and strong will power just join this branch and prove to this world that girls are no less than boys and can do wonders if provided with right kind of opportunities.

We at wish best wishes to all of you and hope to read your success stories in near future.

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Kanwarjot Singh

Kanwarjot Singh is the founder of Civil Engineering Portal, a leading civil engineering website which has been awarded as the best online publication by CIDC. He did his BE civil from Thapar University, Patiala and has been working on this website with his team of Civil Engineers.

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Er. Nitin Lambat says:

Yes sir I am completely agree with your statement that girls can opt for jobs like analysis, designing, tendering, managing projects and many other office jobs. But even in this jobs also you require the knowledge of the field. The work of estimation, costing, tendering etc. can only be done if you have a fair idea of the site condition and the working capabilities of the labor, machines etc. In my opinion, If you don’t have all these basic ideas then in that case you enter the things told by other person who are heading your team and become just an operator or data entry person. So, for girls, instead of selecting civil engineering as career I will suggest to opt for Architecture or related such fields.

Anna says:

I think what is mentioned is somehow right. even the engineers who do analysis in office, should have some sense of work in field. But the question is that why you think that women can’t work in field??? Of course being permanently in Field is not suitable but occasional visits are good. I’m a female geotechnical engineer. I have 17 yrs of experience in office but I visit the filed projects around 3 days a month. These visits are not difficult but are necessary for a good engineer to know the field issues.

Deepali says:

Thanks for express ur thought it place courage in girls i also thinks girls are honest and sincier civil engineering is vast field it is a career in which girls relize that she is as good as boys

L White says:


I am Civil Engineer with a MS is Environmental Engineering and ME is Civil Engineering, GPA 4.0. I set the curve in my advanced structural engineering classes, causing several my male counterparts to drop out before they failed. Even so, I received comments from arrogant, infantile males, who assumed my performance must be inferior to theirs. My friend and I took devious pleasure by slyly cluing them in that my performance was far above and beyond theirs.

I suspect that their higher level of testosterone is responsible for their unfounded sense of self confidence.

I find that it is the males with limited intellect and a proportionally low self esteem are most disturbed by women who outperform them. It upsets their fragile ego.

In closing, your opinions are irrelevant. Who really cares what you think about my choices. That being said, I wish I had chosen a career in veterinary medicine or endocrinology. I grow weary of suffering the childish, infantile, men with limited intelligence.

L W says:

Oh, by the way. I did work in the field and contractors did try to test me, as they test everyone. However, they quickly learned who was in control. I couldn’t say the same for some of less qualified male counterparts. Of course the misguided perception among these same men was that I would have difficulty with the contractors. Why? Because they were incapable of achieving the same respect.

When the contractors heard that I was looking for other employment, they offered me a position. Again, these choices are none of your concern or comment. I wonder if Indian males are suitable to practice engineering? Perhaps they lack the necessary intelligence.

admin says:

L white – Not all males are the same….you left your job, it was your personal decision and we respect that. But if you think girls should not do engineering then m sorry but i don’t agree with you..even politics is male dominated field then does that mean women should leave that too???

Rekha Sharma says:

Yes Sir You are right, and I am totaly agree with you. most of the girls are in civil engg field and she can do also field work as well as i do.i love my work and it is my passion too…

many times interveiwer ask me, why you choose civil engg and every time i replied sorry sir there is no why,i like civil and it is my hobbie, passion,and everything….


deepika says:

your choice is right

santoshi.88 says:

yes sir, u r exactly correct.ur words are boost to me.

iam santoshi.i want to be a civil-engineer. i had completed my 12th standard. i have interest in field work. so, i decided to join in civil-engineering.
i have the confidence[not over-confidence] i can do anything. even if there is a difficulty , i will try to solve it.

in my opinion, girls&boys can do anything,when they have the self-confidence & motivation, guidance.etc.

plz sir suggest me.
plz provide the content regarding civil-engineering(1st year)
tell me the links.

krishna says:

hello sir,, i have just cleared my 12th and now goin for addmissions.
i am not able to find my intrest.i mean i am not able to judge that
whether i am intrested in civil or not.However this line fascinates me. please anyone help me out..pls..

sara says:

i am a student at the faculty of engineering , i am thinking of specialising in civil engineering , i would like to know why is it difficult for girls to work at sites and deal with labor class, explain please

meena says:

civil engineering is not difficult for think differently.girls always can do anything.

Ahmed says:

Sara g leave this topic ap labour ko nhi janti na is liye

admin says:

Sir when she will go for an office job, she will not have to deal with labours

Naga kumari says:

Thanks Sir, For your great suggestion and encouragement.

meena says:

tell me about civil engineering designing.

raja says:

Sir, tell me about which specilization will suitabe for girls in civil engineering?

admin says:

You can go for structure designing specialization

santosh londhe patil says:

sir ,
tells advance constraction equipment of using site?
telling must information civil and envirnment

shiho says:

yes, i definitely agree with you. i am civil engineering( environment) student too. in my class there are few of girls who took this course.but i am sure that girls also can do this job. just wait and see, girls will concur this field.

Anam Khan says:

Sir all the people are not thinking like you.Yes i agree with you that girls can also do civil engineering.

Anam Khan says:

If girls are working in banks,hospitals,air force then why not in civil engineering.We girls will show to the boys that we can also do their work.

Anam Khan says:

Sir i am also doing civil engineering,It’s my 2nd year,so plz sir would you like to give me some suggestions regarding this field,that what are the basic requirements of this field.

sutapa lopamudra says:

mam such a gr8 thinking!!!!//i m also doing civil engg.can u give me some ideas about highway engg. ???? how can we established??? & plz give me some basic ideas…

LW says:

We are talking about women, not girls… adults. Please refer to them appropriately. You all are missing the point. Your opinion is irrelevant. It’s not your call. Women will do what they choose; they don’t need anyone’s approval or consent.

Just understand that if you enter structural engineering, you’ll need to learn how to stroke those fragile male egos. They always need to feel like they are in charge. The trick is to learn how to work them.

LW says:

… however, I am an older generation. I have to deal with the old farts. I am hopeful that my generation has made small changes for those that follow. I recall the story of one our Supreme Court Judges. She graduated from Stanford law school in 1952. She graduated third in a class of 102 students. After graduating, she tried to get a job in Los Angeles and San Francisco law firms, but because of the prejudices against women, she could not get a job as a lawyer. Instead, she was offered a position as a legal secretary, which did not match her education and training. Instead, she took a position as a deputy county attorney in San Mateo, California. In 1981 President Reagan nominated Sandra Day O’Connor and she was confirmed as a Supreme Court judge.

LW says:

Follow up: I did not leave my profession. I left that job for a promotion.

deepika says:

hai i’m civil engineering student. i was not confident that any girls would in civi in colleges. but i was surprised that 25 girls in my class. i wanrt die as a civil enginneer. i want to built my home as own

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