Increase in cost of construction materials: A challenge to overcome

Sourav Dutta
Ion Exchange India Limited

Construction industry at present is facing a major hike in material price, especially cement, sand and stone chips. The following document is prepared to highlight the reduction in concrete manufacturing cost upon using Fly Ash (BIS3812). The method of mix design has been done in reference with BIS10262-2009. Hope that any contractor over India will benefit from the given working and follow the suggested method to reduce their construction cost.

This will have the following advantages: (1) Reduction in use of construction materials which are facing scarcity now-a-days, (2) Reduction of construction cost for contractor, (3) Use of fly ash in a effective manner, which are generated as waste product from thermal power plants and various industrial plants, (4) Assisting in scientific disposal of waste product from thermal power plants and various industrial plants.

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Toilet Flooring with Tile Spacers

It was observed from our many of the project sites that the flooring tiles used in toilets are of joint free type. It was reported by from the handed over flats of deferent projects that toilet floor has the major problem of leakage.

While going through the issue it was found that the joint free tiles that we are using in the floor are the reason for the leakage. Since the joint between the tiles are too small, it difficult to seal the joint completely, this leads to the penetration of water through the joint and resulting in leakage. Also these joints does not account for the expansion and contraction due to temperature by tiles, it will result in the failure of tiles.

Hence as a corrective action for this issue we suggest for the usage of the Tile spacers during the tile lying in toilet floors.

Why use tile spacers?

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Rust / Corrosion of Reinforcement Bars – A challenge to overcome

Mr.Sourav Dutta
Manager (Civil)
Tata Steel Ltd

Rusting/Corrosion are mainly caused due to:
1. Prolonged exposure of rebar to atmosphere/rainfall without any precaution.
2. Aggressive/saline/toxic environment.

RUST is caused by the reaction of air (O2) and moisture (H2O), and it is a common and natural phenomenon for most steel products. IT SHALL NEVER BE CAUSE OF CONCERN/REJECTION OF REBAR, AS PER BIS.

Fig  Guideline of BIS1786-2008
Fig : Guideline of BIS1786-2008

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Components for Working at Height and the Fall Protection

Sreenivasa Hassan Jayaram
Manager-Projects, Jones Lang LaSalle India, Bangalore, Karnataka

Introduction:There are too many line items in life which you cannot calculate. Gravity is one among them. When you lose your balance and fall that’s called as Gravity at work. Many people life at risk got injured or died due to fall from height during the job. Fall from height results in serious injury than any other accidents in the industry. People suffer from broken bones, spinal injuries, paralysis and few more after the fall from height.

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Working at Elevation – Fixed Ladder Safety and Design Requirement

Sreenivasa Hassan Jayaram
Manager-Projects, Jones Lang LaSalle India, Bangalore, Karnataka

Introduction – Ladders are a great resource to help workers access materials or work areas that are out of reach. Additionally, ladder accidents are one of the leading causes of occupational injuries and fatalities.
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