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Types of Beams Used in Construction

A beam is a structural element or member that largely transfers loads placed along its axis to its supports, such as walls, columns, foundations, and so on, with bending being the primary way of deflection.

Various types of beams are employed in the construction of buildings and structures. Vertical loads, shear stresses, and bending moments can all be absorbed by these horizontal structural members. Beams distributed loads throughout their length to their terminals, including walls, columns, foundations, and other structures.
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Types of False Ceiling

A false ceiling differs from a traditional ceiling made of decorative materials such as gypsum board, PVC panels, and tiles, among other things. There is an empty gap between the ordinary ceiling and the false ceiling. The fake ceiling is a great material to use in halls and auditoriums to improve soundproofing. Metal wires are used to secure the artificial ceiling from the original ceiling. When the floor height is more than 10 feet, the space between the ceiling and the fake ceiling extends up to one foot. The artificial ceiling is a metal grid supported by the original ceiling and suspended.

The artificial ceiling not only improves the room’s aesthetic but also conceals the room’s heavy wiring, pipes, and insulations. A false ceiling is utilized in many multi-story offices and business buildings to offer an HVAC system that distributes clean air to the space. This system is readily repaired by simply removing the ceiling panel in the affected region and reinstalling it. The fake ceiling technology is less expensive and easier to install.

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Marble Flooring- Types, Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Marble Flooring?
Marble is a hard, porous stone with a high water absorption rate created naturally from calcite, dolomite, or limestone. Due to its natural occurrence, marble comes in a wide spectrum of colors and textures. No two slabs of marble are alike, which is why they are so valuable. Marble has always been and will continue to be a special feature to any home. The material exudes beauty and value, from slick marble worktops to cool marble flooring. Because of its creamy hue and remarkable grain patterns, marble flooring becomes a more beautiful and identifiable natural building element.

Marble flooring has numerous advantages, including ease of cleaning, a wide range of options, versatility, increased property value, and increased floor hardness or long-term durability. It is commonly applied in all types of commercial and residential structures. It’s utilized to make high–quality everyday items like bathtubs and washbasins, as well as keepsakes like statues..

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What are Grasscrete, its types, and its uses

Grasscrete is a reinforced cellular cast-on-site concrete in which natural grass can be grown or gravel can be filled into the cavities. It is a green solution that aids in the creation of aesthetically beautiful and environmentally sustainable urban environments. It is a green alternative that provides an impermeable surface for emergency vehicle access, parking, and water management. Concrete is poured over styrene void formers in a simple technique to make grasscrete. It’s a cellular reinforced concrete system cast on site with voids generated by formers. The former is essentially a piece of equipment or a mould that creates spaces in concrete that can later be filled with porous materials like stone, gravel, or plants.

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Types of Porch used for Home

What is a Porch?
The porch is the first thing visitors notice as they approach your home. The structure is exterior to the building’s walls; however, it may be surrounded by frames extending from the main structure, such as walls, columns, or screens. As a result, the porch enhances the visual appearance of the structure. Therefore, a porch is vital for maximizing the functionality of a home.

As people approach your home, the porch is the first thing they see. The porch sets your home’s atmosphere. There are many different porches, ranging from modest and straightforward to wraparound porches; all have something unique to offer.
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