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Types of CAD Softwares used by Civil Engineers

Computer-Aided Design Software or CAD is used to create, analyze, modify, or stimulate for optimizing design. Architects, engineers, and designers use it to create or modify designs in 2D or 3D that was impossible to be exhibited on paper. It transforms designs into codes that are understandable by the computer, resulting in viewing a designed object from various perspectives.

Different companies use different CAD software versions to carry out desired results for the company’s standards. CAD offers expandable features that can be used by companies working in various fields. This software facilitates conversion from design to construction process. Because of low-cost development and less time consumption, this software is gaining traction. Some of such software that is used in various industries shall be discussed here in details.

Types of CAD Software
With the advent of designing various structures, various versions of CAD are available in the tech world used by multiple companies to carry out different operations. Some of these are –

Fig 1- 3D modeling of a house using FreeCAD
Fig 1: 3D modeling of a house using FreeCAD
Courtesy: CESDb

Fig 2- Building design using SolidWorks
Fig 2: Building design using SolidWorks
Courtesy: GrabCAD

Fig 3- BIM Modeling using Revit
Fig 3: BIM Modeling using Revit
Courtesy: ArchDaily

Fig 4- Design using AutoCAD
Fig 4: Design using AutoCAD
Courtesy: Interaction Design Foundation

Fig 5- Design using Fusion 3600
Fig 5: Design using Fusion 3600
Courtesy: Autodesk Forum

Fig 6- Excavator model design using CATIA
Fig 6: Excavator model design using CATIA
Courtesy: Dassault Systèmes

Fig 7- Rhino Workstations
Fig 7: Rhino Workstations
Courtesy: BOXX Technologies

Fig 7.1 - Backhoe using Creo
Fig 7.1: Backhoe using Creo
Courtesy: WebForPC

Fig 8- MicroStation V8 XM overview
Fig 8: MicroStation V8 XM overview
Courtesy: AEC Magazine

Fig 9- Autodesk Inventor for staircase
Fig 9: Autodesk Inventor for staircase
Courtesy: Pinterest

Fig 10- Towerbridge with BlocksCAD
Fig 10: Towerbridge with BlocksCAD
Courtesy; Sculpteo

Fig 11- Spiral staircase design using TinkerCAD
Fig 11: Spiral staircase design using TinkerCAD
Courtesy: 3Dnatives

Fig 12- Documentation using OpenSCAD
Fig 12: Documentation using OpenSCAD
Courtesy: OpenSCAD

Fig 13- Aeroplane design using Siemens NX in aviation industry
Fig 13: Aeroplane design using Siemens NX in aviation industry
Courtesy: MechanicalBase

CAD Software is leading in use by engineering professionals as it enables transformation, visualization, and analysis of virtual 3D models into real-life models. It covers those aspects of design which is not possible with other software. Some software has in-built supports or plug-ins that facilitate the more comfortable designing of objects. CAD has different software types under it with additional features that are selected as per various industry standards. All these types of CAD software that is extensively used by leading companies are discussed here in this article. In Civil Engineering it brought revolutionary changes, especially with the introduction of 3D printed concrete with new prototypes being designed using these software.

All these software are extensively used by engineers, architects, designers, and product developers to bring out a perspective view and a tool for converting their imagination to reality. These softwares are industry oriented and are widely used in different companies starting from design to printing 3D objects. Computer Aided Design software has enabled new techniques in different engineering fields like 3D printing of concrete, real-life object visualization and simulation, analysis of outcomes in building design for various forces and many more. Revolution in the modern world has only been possible through the advent of such software. Hence, it can be predicted that the future tech world is going to be revolutionary.


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