List of Projects Related to Environmental Engineering

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Following are few topics which can be used for your Project Works. You can choose the project from the list below depending on your field of interest and your project duration.

1 A Study On Construction Waste
2 Approaches To Greenbelt Design
3 Environmental Impact Assessment
4 Bio Gas From Coral Organic Waste
5 Green Buildings For Quality Living
6 Pollution Study Of River Tunghabhadra
7 Environmental Impact Assessment Report
8 Study Of Recycling Industrial Effluent
9 Vehicular Pollution Impact on Environment
10 Effect Of Oil Spill On Marine Environment
11 Utilisation And Recycling Of Treated Waste
12 A Case Study Of Pollution In River Arkavathi
13 Concept of Futuristic Buildings -Green Buildings
14 The Environment-friendly Construction: Related News
15 Recycling And Reuse Of Building Waste In Construction
16 Study On Certain Pollution Parameters Of Bhadra River
17 Off Shore Drilling – Feasible methods to minimize cost
18 What is E-construction? How can it save our planet earth.
19 Environmental Effect On Tungabhadra River Near Harihar Town
20 Eco Friendly Fuels – Importance in big construction projects


21 Environmental Impact Due To The Contamination Of Bellary Nalla
22 Characterisation Of The Fort Lake For Its Quality And Pollution
23 Energy Dissipation Flow Overenvironmental Aspects Of River Valley
24 Environment Suitability For Locating Industries In Raichur Taluka
25 Landslides Causes Environmental Hazards And Rehabilation Measures
26 Heavy Metal Pollution Due To Anthropogenic Activities – A Case Study Of Belgaum Fort Lake
27 Air Pollution Monitoring ( Spm,Sulphur Dioxide,Nitrogen Dioxide) In And Around Mysore City
28 A Study Of Physical Properties Of Fine-grained Soils Under Different Environmental Conditions
29 Analysis Of The State Of Maryland’s Potential Participation In The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
30 A Study On Environmental Impact Assessment And Impact Management For The Proposed Auto Complex, Shimoga City.
31 Study Of Role Of Judiciary And Citizen In Environment Protection And Sustainable Development In Bidar District

In case you find any error or duplication in the above list, just comment below. You are also free to add more topics in the list by commenting below.

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    I hv really appreciated
    am an environmental engineer and I would like have a sounding project

  • KABIITO BRISHIAN October 26, 2019 at 1:37 am

    Am an environmental engineering student at kyambogo university I hv liked the projects

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