NDT Test

This presentation gives us a brief introduction on Non Destructive Tests (NDT) which are conducted on Concrete. Non Destructive tests are very useful and are gaining wide spread popularity because in these tests, the test sample or structure is not damaged.

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Presentation On Flyash

This presentation covers the details about how a waste product – flyash can be used in many civil engineering works.

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Presentation on Earthquake

Earthquake Details

  • About 90 per cent earthquakes result from tectonic plate movements
  • Rest can be related to volcanic activities, collapse of subterranean cavities or man made effects such as nuclear explosions
  • Tectonic earthquakes are triggered when accumulated strain exceeds shearing strength of rocks

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Construction of Railway Overbridge

As part of the six month summer training, this project that is the construction of railway over bridge in Jalandhar Punjab was undertaken by Ishan Kaushal. In this presentation, the piles foundation along with the equipments used at construction site are discussed. Also it contains mix design as per Indian code and pile cap specifications.
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Construction And Design Of A Multistoried Residential Building

This is a presentation dealing with the Construction And Design Of A Multi storied Residential Building. It covers the step by step information about how the construction process actually takes place at a site. So if you are keen to know more about the construction details just download this ppt.

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