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Manning’s Equation For Open Channels

One of the more popular of the numerous equations developed for determination of flow in an open channel is Manning’s variation of the Chezy formula:


R= hydraulic radius, ft (m)

V =mean velocity of flow, ft/s (m/s)

S= slope of energy grade line or loss of head due to friction, ft/linear ft (m/m), of channel

C =Chezy roughness coefficient

Manning proposed:


n= is the coefficient of roughness in the Ganguillet–Kutter formula.
When Manning’s C is used in the Chezy formula, the Manning equation for flow velocity in an open channel results:


Because the discharge Q=VA, this equation may be written:


where A =area of flow, ft2 (m2)
and Q= quantity of flow, ft3/s (m3/s).

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