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314 comments on "Civil Engineering Journals"

parjin says:

I want informations about wood science and its optins and branchs in kinds of universitis fields , departments ,programs .

thank you .

james selvarajan says:


I want information regarding bulkage of concrete.


HSD says:

Read Any Std. Concrete Technology book

pravin says:

Sir can u suggest a latest topic for my B.E project

Joen says:

Any one please help me in seismic design of retaining wall..

KV Prasad says:

Sir I want information regarding the latest Journals of Civil Engineering. We are subscribing the same after hearing from you.



sulekh says:

Dear sir,
i am a civil engineering student studying in seventh semester.
i am looking for some journals on seismic isolation.
please help.



makulai says:

I’m from Technological Institute of the Philippines, a civil engineer student. can you help me find a free journal for civil engr. formulas and easy to understand, or even web site. thanks!!!


preksha says:

i am a student of 7th semester and want to know how algae can be used more efficiently in water treatment plant. further how can we get biodeasel from it.

vinay says:

u can make a bio disel,by providing slug container required for it.

Prasenjit Paul says:

i want to make houses where will be no external electricity supply……..the house will make its own requier electricity by solar cell, windmill……….any other source of renewable energy sources……….thank you

jincy says:

Sir can u suggest a latest topic for my B.E project

jincy says:

sir,i would like to know whether monolithic domes have been constructed in INDIA.if not,why?…..thank you.

sudheer says:

iam civilengineer i want to know the latest technology in civil engineering and can u give me the tips in settingout(using trignometry), marking and execution of structures in the field

P.T.Ramesh Kumar says:

Good documents

P.T.Ramesh Kumar says:

i want to know the procedure for material testing about conrete mix.

Maddy says:

hai i am doing 3rd year civil engineering in MEPCO ENGINEERING COLLEGE,SIVAKASI..
now i am inneed of innovative project titles. can u able to help me..

vinothkumar says:

good collection sir…..

vinothkumar says:

can you suggest any water resource development project

ramkumar says:

i am doing 3 rd year civil engineering and i need a good topic for projects…..

vinay says:

Someone know about making project of development of town or township.

CEstudent says:

i am a civil engineering student, and i’m looking for a website regarding in hydrology. Can you suggest or give me a reference/website wherein i could get a list of topics about hydrology especially about the flood probability. Thanks


i am a civil engineering student ,and i m looking for a project regarding pre ennginered structures .can u please suggest or give me a reference regarding these topics .

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