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314 comments on "Civil Engineering Journals"

Nikhil says:

hello sir, i am doing in civil from NIT, kurukshetra. i am in 2nd year right now. i need to improve my knowledge in this subject. can u please help me regarding this, like magazines which are useful for me plus i wanna go for training in IIT roorkee after the completion of my second year. so i need to know how can i go for this.please help me sir

Gurudatta says:


krish says:


keep going

sarita says:

i required notes on construction enggineering & management

puneet gupta says:

respected sir..
i m a student of 3yr civil from aligarh muslim university.
sir i want to know abt civil engg magzines name n how i would get it..
and sir pls tells me also abt online civil engg courses.

Barinder Pal Singh says:


I m a Civil Engineer & want tp update my Knowledge in this feild.I want to apply for any
online magzines or other latest newsletter in this feild, which shows latest techniqes in
today’s civil engineering.

Please Guide me.

melvin says:

I would like to know whether you have got any journals regarding roads or concrete roads. Please be kind to inform if anyone of you are in possession of the same.
Thank You

Md Newas Shrif says:

I am newas student of dinajpur polytechnic institute my subject civil i want jobe location anh
and BSC of this subject and help me please

I m a Civil Engineer & want tp update my Knowledge in this feild.I want to apply for any
online magzines or other latest newsletter in this feild, which shows latest techniqes in
today’s civil engineering.

Peter says:

I am a practicing Geo-Technical Engineering technologist with one of nigeria’s most experienced provider of Geo-technical Engineering solutions.

I need to get the most cutting edge concepts in my chosen field. please make it a joy for me. I request to have regular air-mail packages of most recent Geo-Technical Engineering magazines and journals to my organisatio.
Thank you for your anticipated kindness.


arun sharma says:

i like this field very much. because civil engg is real engg.

sandi says:

i want to read this journals.But I have no time.

Krishna says:

Its really very helpful to grow the latest and emerging mind in field of civil engg… and its true civil engg are the pioneer foundation of civilization,,….
But according to me …..its more beneficial if the full application and feasible practical data’s are provided….. for the learners……because we born to do the new for our world…and society……I hope my suggestion is read carefully..

thanking you sir.

kibrom yirga says:

I want to know more about Constraction Equipment managiment
>What persentage of project costs spent for constraction equipments,
>Haw a country can utilize its constraction equipments efficently
And other related issuse.

Ali Hemmati says:

Dear sirs,

With greeting and desire of the best success and prosperity in all of your lifetimes.

We would be very grateful if you send us some different copies of your company’s magazines to:

ADDRESS: P.O.BOX: 14515/1433/Tehran/Iran

Best wishes,

Ali Hemmati

Farah Rahman says:

Thanks to you for your informative support.Your attempt of spreading the newly thought public issues about civil engg. is setting our mind to think about something new..
Thanks for being here.

neetha swaminathan says:

very useful journels

mohamed abdi mohamud says:

thx alot, for your hard working it’s great opportunity for all civil eng.

hussien says:

i am civil engineer i have 17 years in my jop…..

molay reja says:

thank you to every for publishing such kind of wounderfull magazine.

preeti says:

dear sir ,
i m civil engineering student 3 semester, i want to publish an article in civil journel and also want to have a project on it. Can u suggest me any topic which has not been publish yet and also i need guide from you.

raja says:

since u r doing ur 3rd sem u can very well work on with strength of materials. probably u may find more papers on it, u take any on of the papers and make ur approach different.

ramu says:

hi i am ramu studying 3 b-tech so I want give PPT in other college so please give any good topic and please give me a detail about that topic

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