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Grouting of Post Tensioned Cables In I- Beam

The purpose of grouting is to provide permanent protection to the post-tensioned steel against corrosion and to develop bond between the Prestressing cables and the surrounding structural concrete.Grouting shall be carried out as early as possible, but generally not later than two weeks of stressing.Whenever this stipulation cannot be completed with for unavoidable reasons adequate temporary protection of the cables against corrosion by methods or products, which will not impair the ultimate adherence of the injected grout shall be ensured till grouting.

1. Water : Only Clean potable water free from impurities shall be used.

2. Cement : Ordinary port land cement 43Grade shall be used. It should be as fresh as possible and free from any lumps.

3. Admixture : Non-shrink powder compound. (Intra Plast N-200 of Sika Brand).

1. Grout Mixer Mechanical type
2. Grout Pump J-600
3. Grout Screen
4. Connection and air vents
5. Generator
6. Thermometer, Stopwatch etc.


Procedure of the Grout

1)After measuring the slip of 24hrs, the extended cables shall be cut off
50mm away from bearing plates.

2) Cement mortar of 1:1 ratio is applied over the Bearing Plates on both ends of girders to prevent the leakage of Grout. Grouting operation shall be commenced after two days of sealing the ends.

3) Water cement ratio should be as low as possible consistent with workability. This ratio is 0.42 (not more than 0.45 as per MOST,P-677) proportions of material shall be based on field trials made on the Grout before commencement of grouting. As per specifications, the temperature of the Grout maintained at 250C by adding ice into water if necessary.

4) Water shall be poured in to the mixer with Port land cement and admixture is added into it. Mixing shall be continued for duration to obtain uniform and thoroughly blended Grout. Grout shall be continuously agitated and then pour into another tank after passing through the screen.

5) Ducts shall be flushed with water for cleaning as well as for wetting the surface of the duct walls.

6) The water in the duct shall be blown out with compress air.


Injection Of Grout:-
1) After mixing of Grout, all connections from tank to pump and pump to inlet shall be checked.

2) The grout shall be allowed to flow freely from the other end until the consistency of the grout at this end is the same as that of the Grout at the injection end.

3) When the Grout flows at the other end, it shall be closed off and grouting is continued so that pressure commenced, full injection pressure at about 5 kg/cm2 shall be maintained for at least one minute before closing the injection pipes.

4) If there is leakage observed at any of ends the grouting operation shall be discontinued and the entire duct flushed with high-pressure water. Grout not used within 30minutes of mixing shall be rejected.

5) Check the Compressive strength of the cubes for the grout in 10 cm cubes for 7 days, which should not be less than 17 Mpa.

6) Grouting record for each cable shall be maintained as per Performa in MOST.

This information was submitted by Er. Neha Sood on 3d June 2008

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A Alam says:

Dear Sir
Please furnish the method of grouting,purpose and the material use for grouting
the bottom of column column in power plants.

A Alam


GPRS non shrink grout

Sheraz Hassan says:

please describe the method of post tensioning


Sheraz Hassan

sreenivas says:

if u hav prestress pre tensioned n posttensioned bridges (methodology,erection) material ,send to my id…….
its urgent

suman manja says:

usually temperature of water used while grouting should be less than 18 degree celsius.. on the whole temperature should not exceed 25 degree celsius

hafiz says:

dear sir,

can you explain about the grouting beam?

Rammohan Chopparapu says:

Could you please explain methods to find out leakage locations, in case of fail to identify physically. I heard there are
methods like radiagraph test or endoscope.

harshal bhelkar says:

Dear sir,
Can u explain the method of Post tensioning.


Harshal J. Bhelkar

Ali Imran says:


Please send me the method statement for the posttensioning of I beams in Bridges.

Franco John says:

Why should we flush water befor grouting, is there any special liquid to protect the strand

P. Rohini kumar says:

In PSC I-girder duct grouting which company admixture is best.

Rohit Kumar says:


Kwatampora Alex Binego Z. says:

What would be the standard unconfined compressive strength of a cement, water and Intraplast Grout strength after 28days for a dam foundation?

Ganesh s satpute says:

please send the method of grouting at stressing end and proportion of mix.

Raj Kumar sah says:

plz send me methodology of post tensioning prestressed girder in my id .

PIJUSH kanti Rout says:

Cebex-100 use per bag

Festus Simbolon says:

P. Rohini kumar
In PSC I-girder duct grouting which company admixture is best.

foshroc cebex 100

Ramresh Meena says:

Dear sir,
Good suggestion is pt grouting system. I liked this.
Thank you

lutfatul muchlisoh says:

“the grout in 10 cm cubes for 7 days, which should not be less than 17 Mpa”, based on? ASTM or other?

rahul says:

what is the code book?

Surendra Gaikwad says:

Which size of seive is used for removing lumps of grout mix

S P Jaiswal says:

After how many days of sheathing grouting, the i-girder can be launched on bearing?

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