Fluid Jets

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Where the effect of air resistance is small, the path of projectile is followed when a fluid discharged through an orifice into the air
The initial velocity of the jet is

V0 = Cv?2gh

where h= head on center line of orifice, ft (m),
Cv =coefficient of velocity.

The direction of the initial velocity depends on the orientation of the surface in which the orifice is located.The velocity of the jet in the X direction (horizontal) remains constant

Vx = V0 = Cv ?2gh

The velocity in the Y direction is initially zero and there after a function of time and the acceleration of gravity:

Vy = gt

The X coordinate at time t is
X = Vx t = tCv ?2gh


The Y coordinate is

Y = Vavg t= gt2/2

where Vavg =average velocity over period of time t.

The equation for the path of the jet:

X2 = Cv* Cv *4hY

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