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Tirol-Adria-Project (Tyrol-Adriatic Sea-Project) was filed at the EU-commission in Brussels (head office Energy and Traffic) and at governments of Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Munich, Innsbruck, Bozen and Trento and consists of the following proposals:

A: Tyrol-Adriatic Sea hydropower stations based on the deviation Inn-Etsch; Capacity of 3.500 MW, pumping capacity 2.000 MW.

B: Danube-Tyrol-Adriatic Sea-Waterway, the waterway Passau-Venice has a distance of 700 kilometres and is at the Po Valley already navigable.

Plus the following project conceptions, which add themselves up due to the building of the canal tunnel:

C: Maglev Train Munich-Verona (330 kilometres).

D: High-Voltage-DC-feed conduit on the maglev’s line Munich-Verona through the Alps-canal-tunnel. This line could also function as part of the solar power-bridge Africa-Europe (distance: 1.000 kilometres), as the hydropower stations on the Alps’ southside can be embedded as regulating power stations.


The detailled project can be found on

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  • TEKOM PADUNG March 13, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    what are the construction materials, techniques and technology used for this project?

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