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Dubai – Biggest Arch Bridge Ever

It’s one mile long and 670 feel tall.

– It will have 12 lanes for traffic.

– It will cost $817 million dollars.

– The design has been approved by Sheik Mohammed.

– The bridge will carry more than 2,000 vehicles per hour in each direction.

– A metro line will run across the middle.

Biggest Arch Bridge Ever


Construction is slated to being in March, and will hopefully be completed in 2012.All images and facts provided by Fxfowle, the New York based architectural firm behind the project.

Biggest Arch Bridge Ever - 2

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4 comments on "Dubai – Biggest Arch Bridge Ever"

vikas says:

amazing yaar! kuch india vich v eho ja kuch bna diyo……

srikanth says:


jean louis,H says:

wow that’s incredible,that’s amazing!i wish i could be designing that too!hope my dream will come true.

hassan elkholy says:

what abridge it’s an incredible bridge

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