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Hydroelectric Power Generation

The electrical power obtained from conversion of potential and kinetic energy of water is called Hydroelectric power


PE= potential energy

W =total weight of the water

Z =vertical distance water can fall

Power is the rate at which energy is produced or utilized:

1 horsepower (hp) =550 ft lb/s

1 kilowatt (kW) = 738 ft lb/s

1 hp= 0.746 kW

1 kW =1.341 hp

Power obtained from water flow may be computed from

hp=? Qwh/550= ?Qh/8.8

kW=? Qwh/738= ? Qh/11.8

kW= kilowatt

hp= horsepower

Q= flow rate, ft3/s (m3/s)

w =unit weight of water 62.4 lb/ft3 (998.4

h = effective head total elevation difference minus line losses due to friction and turbu- lence, ft (m)
?= efficiency of turbine and generator

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