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Extreme Engineering – Kuala Lumpur Mega Tunnel

Extreme Engineering – Kuala Lumpur Mega Tunnel

Nothing is impossible when civil engineers are there..The mega tunnel project that took place after all the hiccups but is now considered as the most successful civil engineering project

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Kanwarjot Singh

Kanwarjot Singh is the founder of Civil Engineering Portal, a leading civil engineering website which has been awarded as the best online publication by CIDC. He did his BE civil from Thapar University, Patiala and has been working on this website with his team of Civil Engineers.

8 comments on "Extreme Engineering – Kuala Lumpur Mega Tunnel"

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Deepak Nayak says:

mega tunnel is the extreme view of civil engineering which the world has ever seen.

tony says:

Incredible, what a very futuristic world we live in. civil engineers have made science fiction reality. great stuff. i enjoyed this website

Lerato Emmanuel "sawyer" motsei says:

This is too much nice and intresting to even say. It is quiet nice to see that other people use their minds to make wonders that will benefit millions of people on earth. Well done guys, may God give you more intelligence to carry on your good work.

Shivraj Bhogade says:

It is the most useful tunnel that will help to transport water also. well combination is done.



Vivek Bhogade says:

“Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel” it is really a SMART Tunnel.
Civil Engineers “WE CREATE THE WORLD”


Civil engineering bodies has severally be amazing the whole world, with a instinct of making the impossible to possibility. God has giving us power (intellect) to harness the deep mind of creation. Let us keep the good work. embrace and encourage each other. Together we explore the world MORE

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