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Workability of Fresh Concrete by Vee-Bee Consistometer


To determine the workability of fresh concrete by using a Vee-Bee consistometer as per IS: 1199 – 1959. The apparatus used is Vee-Bee consistometer.
Procedure to determine workability of fresh concrete by Vee-Bee consistometer.

i) A conventional slump test is performed, placing the slump cone inside the cylindrical part of the consistometer.

ii) The glass disc attached to the swivel arm is turned and placed on the top of the concrete in the pot.

iii) The electrical vibrator is switched on and a stop-watch is started, simultaneously.


iv) Vibration is continued till the conical shape of the concrete disappears and the concrete assumes a cylindrical shape.

v) When the concrete fully assumes a cylindrical shape, the stop-watch is switched off immediately. The time is noted.The consistency of the concrete should be expressed in VB-degrees, which is equal to the time in seconds recorded above.


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33 comments on "Workability of Fresh Concrete by Vee-Bee Consistometer"

waq says:

what is vb-degrees? how to expressed the value obtain from experiment in vb-degrees?

amol says:

it is nothing but the time needed by concrete to aquire the cylindrical shape from cone shape

civil samy says:

very useful of the web site thanks for you

RASHAD says:

This site is very much used 4 me

Rohit Joshi says:

There are several tests for workablity of concrete. Which is the best in terms of being most accurate & dependable?

Vaibhav Sharma says:

I think Vee Bee time test is more dependable than CFT and Slump test.

Mr. kelly Eric says:

It very interesting for civil engineering to hel find solution for problems

praveena says:

please provide some more information like merits,demerits,significance

Mahadev says:

The test used to determine the consistency depends on the type of aggregates right?

vksharma says:

i hav done B.Tech.(Throgh DDE)recently and also

working in civil Engg. Deptt at thapar university.

these days visiting in Doha-Qatar for just 2-3Months on visitor’s visa.
This site is really really very good …. thanks for ur Team-work effords.

Ashinze Charles says:

Dear sir,

Could you please send me document on the importance of tests on structure piles and foundation ie pile intergrity test, concrete rebound test etc. Please detail methodology, equipment requirement, data analysis/calculation and report writing guide.
Thank you.

Vaibhav Sharma says:

Respected sir,for this information…we will do this test in our lab..Could u also pls send me the standard values of Vee-Bee time for various slump values.
Thank you.

atul says:

i m doing 2nd year diploma in civil.really its very useful web.

Azham says:

same with me…its very useful..

Azham says:

If a mixture prepared is hard and cannot be compacted, what can i do to improve the workability without effecting the strength of the concrete?

amol says:

add admixture of air entrainig

vaibhav jadhav says:

I am intresting to ask a little quary that what is a long form of VB

Kush says:

What will happen if the concreting of a RCC structure is done with incorrect proportion other than effect to strength?

Prem says:

Respected sir,
This web site very usefull for to me.please post all lab testing list with relative formulas.

vinoth kevin says:

nice to study

Mayur pandya says:

Sir please give me the value of its material for make the concreate

Yaseen says:

Very helpful site..

Syed Aftab Ali Shah says:

Nice website for civil engg: student

Z. Waziri kg says:

I am a student of 200 levl, but i do founing it difficult to solve my assignments. Pls sir if there is any means i need ur assistance?

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