Various Lab Test On Concrete

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There are many tests which are conducted to check the quality of concrete. These tests are basically divided into two categories
1. Various Lab Test On Fresh Concrete.
Under these, we have the following tests
a) Slump Test – Workability
b) Compacting Factor
c) Vee- Bee Test

2.Various Lab Test On Hardened Concrete.

There are two kinds of tests which are done on hardened concrete. These are non destructive test and destructive tests. In non destructive test, the sample is not destroyed and this test is very useful in determining the strength of existing buildings or structures where as in destructive test a sample is made and then destroyed to find out the strength of concrete.Compression test is the example of destructive test. Here are the nondestructive tests.


a) Rebound Hammer Test

b) Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test

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