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What are the Tolerance Limits on Construction Site?

Accuracy of measuring equipment in batching plant.
Cement : + – 2%
Aggregate : + – 3%
Admixture : + – 3%
Water : + – 3%
Mixing time : 2 minutes for one mixing. (Mixing which is being done on site)

Tolerance in Form work
In C/S for columns & Beams deviation is = + 12mm more (or) – 6mm less in size
In footing plan = + 50 mm more (or) – 12 mm less size
In depth = + – 0.05 D (specified thickness).


Tolerance in Reinforcement
For effective depth D < = 200mm = +- 10mm For effective depth D > 200mm = +- 15mm
For Cover to reinforcement = + 10mm
Maximum freefall of concrete = 1.50 m height.

Tolerance on diameter in length
0-25mm = +- 0.5 %
25-35mm = +- 0.6 %
35-50mm = +- 0.8 %

Tolerance on weight per metre
0-10mm = +- 7%
10-16mm = +- 5%
16 and above = +- 3%


Tolerance for cutting Length
A) When the specified length is not given = + 75mm (or) – 25 mm
B) When the minimum length is specified = + 50 mm (or) – 0 mm

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21 comments on "What are the Tolerance Limits on Construction Site?"

sriram says:

I would like to know whether these limits are applicable to Indian Construction works or others.

MSP says:

As per IS 4925-2003 tolerance limits for measurements in batching plants are:
Cementitious material & water + – 1%; agr + – 2%; Admixtures + – 3%.

Satyen kUmar De says:

I am thankful to this web site, because it is very helpful to the Civil Engineers. I expect more tolerance to be included in this page.

Fardin Abbassi says:

I d like to know what to do with unacceptable tolerance in concrete buildings

Mukesh kumar says:

Thanks to grow knowledge about construction.

M.Manikandan says:


sharad naik says:

What is the standard of core test for rigid pavement? on what distance take core for testing for compressive strength?

R.Murali says:

Please send plastering tolerance details

madanagopal says:

when we buy tmt rods how much weight tolerance per ton

Arnab pal says:

Please send plastering tolerance details…………

Purvangkumar M Patel says:

Can anyone please tell us, which IS Code we need to refer for Construction Tolerance ? Example: ACI 117 is good for tolerance, but that is based on America. Can anyone tell me IS Code for Tolerances?

satish says:

anyone suggest r guide for referral IS codes for plastering, painting, blockwork, and room dimensions

Santhosh Marcher says:

Thank you very much sir really tolerance very use in constructions..

m.kumar says:

I need BBS format in excel and how to prepare

Sumit jain says:

Plz send rigid pavment tolerance in depth with is code

parag ingole says:

In SP 34-1987, Handbook on Reinforcement and Detailing, section 4,
Note : 4.1 – the cover shall in no case be reduced by more than 1/3rd of the specified cover or 5mm whichever is less.

what is the tolerance of steel please tell me says:

please tell me the tolerance of steel

yuvraj nikam says:

sir plz answer me. … shuttrung slab in plywood material minimum size cutting ply used with i s code

Sachin says:

While passing purchase invoice of Reinforcement & structural steel, how much tolerance is allowed between supplier’s weight & My weight.
some times supplier does not provide loading point weight slip with invoice
Please advice


I need to know how to calculate the tolerance of tmt steel

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