What are the differences between segmentally lined tunnels and Sprayed Concrete Linings (SCL) tunnels?

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The basic difference between segmentally lined tunnels and SCL tunnels is that the sprayed concrete in SCL tunnel is used for temporary linings only. Concrete linings in segmentally lined tunnels are designed with long-term load conditions with the adoption of appropriate safety factors. However, the dimension of linings in SCL tunnels is derived from a balance between safety of lining and cost consideration.


The quality of precast concrete linings can be better controlled in precasting yards. As such, the quality control of precast concrete lining is obviously better than that of sprayed concrete which depends on site workmanship.

This question is taken from book named – A Self Learning Manual – Mastering Different Fields of Civil Engineering Works (VC-Q-A-Method) by Vincent T. H. CHU.

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