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What are the Characteristics of Contours?

What are the Characteristics of Contours?

Contours show distinct characteristic features of the terrain as follows:

i) All points on a contour line are of the same elevation.

ii) No two contour lines can meet or cross each other except in the rare case of an overhanging vertical cliff or wall
iii) Closely spaced contour lines indicate steep slope

iv) Widely spaced contour lines indicate gentle slope

v) Equally spaced contour lines indicate uniform slope

vi) Closed contour lines with higher elevation towards the centre indicate hills

vii) Closed contour lines with reducing levels towards the centre indicate pond or other depression.

viii) Contour lines of ridge show higher elevation within the loop of the contours. Contour lines cross ridge at right angles.


ix) Contour lines of valley show reducing elevation within the loop of the contours. Contour lines cross valley at right angles.

x) All contour lines must close either within the map boundary or outside.

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