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How to Control Vibration In Blasting?

When ever explosive substances are used to blast, a large amount of vibration occurs. This vibration is not only dangerous for people working their but also to the neighboring structures. Therefore proper care must be taken to keep vibration in check.

The vibrations caused by blasting are related to velocity (V), wavelength (L) and frequency (f) as
L= V/f

Now Velocity V depends on the amplitude of the vibrations A and is given by
Where p – pie = 3.14

Case – When we know velocity velocity v1 at a distance D1 from the explosion and wish to find velocity v2 at a distance D2 from the explosion
v2=(approx) v1(D1/D2)1.5

The scaled-distance formula is used for vibration control

b and H are constants and depend on site.

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2 comments on "How to Control Vibration In Blasting?"

Charles Lupiya says:

I needed more information on how to reduce the vibrations generated by a blast and factors to be used to mitigate the vibration presenting values bout the norm.

O n singh says:

We are engaged to make a pond in residential area. But there is hard rock. How will we take blast the rock that no danage of residence?
Pond size
width 82m
length 106m
depth 5.8m
residence distance from pond’s bank is near about 15m.

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