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The 5 Shanghai International Green Wooden Residential Exhibition

Same Period Expo
2013 International wooden(bamboo)structure construction and auxiliary products Expo
2013 Shanghai International Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo

Date: August 15-17, 2013
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No.2345 Longyang Road)
Dimension: 100,000
Organizers: China Architectural Association Wooden Special Committee
Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association
Supporters: Chinese Wooden circulate Association
Chinese Architectural Association
Oversea Corporation: Canadian Forest Industry
Europe Forest Industry
Japan Wood-Products Export Promotion Council


Subject: Advocate low carbon lifestyle, create a noble, fashion, comfortable and elegant living


In the 80’s of last century, modern wooden architecture was officially introduced to Shanghai. At the beginning period of “Reform and Opening”, the infrastructure of Shanghai was lagging behind and lack high-end hotel. Even the hotel for receiving leaders from central government and foreign countries was out-of-date. Therefore, Shanghai government established some independent wooden structure villas in Xi Jiao Guesthouse. In the new century, with people’s living condition improving and environment-friendly awareness increasing, more and more people begin to pursue more energy-saving and more comfortable life. The wooden building and its natural ecological character, whose advantages, which showed on living and other using etc in all directions, appears more and more apparent, gradually started to blend into Shanghai and have got significant progresses. Recently, the economic and functional house base of Pudong Sanlin district will firstly carry out the pilot: “the public commercial building of wooden structure——concrete composite structure”,which covers about 2000.Compared to the lightweight houses and concrete structure, the wooden structure would conserve energy about 35% with more about 7% living space. Undoubtedly, it will increasingly promote the development of wooden structure house, Shanghai moreover East China district.

China Architectural Association Wooden Special Committee, Shanghai Building Material Industry and World Expo Group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. are going on building ” The Fourth Shanghai Wooden Environment-friendly Residential Exhibition”, which is up to widely promote the development of wooden structure and the supporting industries concerned. The exhibition of 2012, Japan External Wooden Organization, Canada Wood, Baoyuan Wood, Ruiduo Wooden House and Hongkong Dragon Wood, etc domestic famous wooden house and wooden structure enterprises made a wonderful appearances respectively and achieved very good results. Meanwhile, relied on the popularity of the Shanghai International Villa Supporting Facilities Exhibition, which held at the same time, let the exhibitor face to the target customers directly and catch the commercial opportunity efficiently. Predicted 2013 exhibition, there will be hundreds of land agents and excellent designers presented on site, communicated and cooperated with the wooden environment-friendly residential manufacturers.

1) Shanghai has the developping economically affordable housing a good time, the exhibition will invite relevant staff through various channels to visit the exhibition, to the exhibitors bring the latest policy guidance.

2) Organisers have a good cooperative relationship with Canadian Forest Industry,Europe Forest Industry ;Malayisa Forest Industry and overseas companise.

3) Publicizing by kinds of famous newspaper, magazines, professional media and mass media in aspects.
Strengthening the communication and co-ordination between government departments?enhancing the effect in society and economy extensively. Strengthening the cooperation between each consulate and trade-promoted organization, promoting the international communication and cooperation.

4) Inviting representation of Construction System,Project Design Institution,Project Supervision, Institute, Construction and Engineering Group, Decoration Engineering Company, Virescence system,Public Municipal Engineering System, Real Estate Management system, developer, agent, supplier,manufacturer etc attend the meeting.

5) Organizer will announce the expo in advance on the Mainstream media of Shanghai, such as Oriental TV station,Shanghai TV station,No. Finance,Morning news,Liberation Daily etc.

Address:18 Floor.No.8 Shengze Road Huangpu District.Shanghai

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