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Steel Quantity Calculator

Steel is the most used material in construction industry as it provides tensile strength to concrete. Please note the formula mentioned below is based on a thumb rule which is mostly used by civil engineers on field.

We need to first calculate the volume of concrete and then we multiply them with the Steel Weight in each member type. Refer to the table below for each member’s weight.

Use this tool to calculate the quantity of steel required.

Member Type
Concrete Quantity (m3)
Member Type Concrete Quantity Steel Weight
Footing 1 m3 80 kg
Beam 1 m3 160 kg
Column 1 m3 110 kg
Slab 1 m3 80 kg
Staircase 1 m3 85 kg
Lintle/Chhajja/Coping 1 m3 50 kg
Retaining Wall 1 m3 60 kg
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2 comments on "Steel Quantity Calculator"

Farooq bashir says:

Thanks Very Useful information and Guidance.

bilal says:

while calculating quantity of steel , as we have to know about the volume of concrete as above.
but after calculation, we have got the quantity of steel, this quantity of steel is only for main bars , what about distribution bars quantity?

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