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Pipe Stresses Perpendicular To The Longitudinal Axis

The internal or external pressures on the pipe walls cause the stresses acting perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of a pipe. Internal pressure creates a stress commonly called hoop tension

The sum of the forces in the horizontal direction is


p= internal pressure, lb/in2 (MPa)

D= outside diameter of pipe, in (mm)

F= force acting on each cut of edge of pipe, lb (N)


Hence, the stress, lb/in2 (MPa) on the pipe material is

pD=F/A= pD/2t

A= area of cut edge of pipe, ft2 (m2)
t= thickness of pipe wall, in (mm).

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One comment on "Pipe Stresses Perpendicular To The Longitudinal Axis"

azfar chaghtai says:

respected concern… actually i am trying to find out the iron pipe holding capacity ..for example , if i place two 2″ iron pipes ( height 12 feet) horizontally and then fix one 2” square pipe ( length 26 feet) vertically so how I can find the supporting point where I must hold the triangle supporting ?
(on horizontal pipe 3 feet down from up side and 07 feet on vertical pipe)

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