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Concrete Mix Design M-60


Target strength = 60Mpa
Max size of aggregate used = 12.5 mm
Specific gravity of cement = 3.15
Specific gravity of fine aggregate (F.A) = 2.6
Specific gravity of Coarse aggregate (C.A) = 2.64
Dry Rodded Bulk Density of fine aggregate = 1726 Kg/m3
Dry Rodded Bulk Density of coarse aggregate = 1638 Kg/m3

Calculation for weight of Coarse Aggregate:
From ACI 211.4R Table 4.3.3 Fractional volume of oven dry Rodded C.A for 12.5mm size aggregate is 0.68m3
Weight of C.A = 0.68*1638 = 1108.13 Kg/m3

Calculation for Quantity of Water:
From ACI 211.4R Table 4.3.4
Assuming Slump as 50 to 75mm and for C.A size 12.5 mm the Mixing water = 148 ml
Void content of FA for this mixing water = 35%
Void content of FA (V)
V = {1-(Dry Rodded unit wt / specific gravity of FA*1000)}*100
= [1-(1726/2.6*1000)]*100
= 34.62%

Adjustment in mixing water = (V-35)* 4.55
= (34.62 – 35)*4.55
= -1.725 ml
Total water required = 148 + (-1.725) = 146.28 ml
Calculation for weight of cement
From ACI 211.4R Table 4.3.5(b)
Take W / C ratio = 0.29
Weight of cement = 146.28 / 0.29 = 504.21 kg/m3


Calculation for weight of Fine Aggregate:

Cement = 504.21 / 3.15*1000= 0.1616
Water = 146.28 / 1*1000= 0.1462
CA = 1108.13 / 3*1000= 0.3690
Entrapped Air = 2 / 100= 0.020
Total = 0.7376m3
Volume of Fine Aggregate= 1-0.7376
Weight of Fine Aggregate= 0.2624*2.6*1000= 683.24 kg/m3

Super plasticizer:
For 0.8% = (0.8 / 100)*583.53 = 4.668 ml

Correction for water:
Weight of water (For 0.8%) =146.28 – 4.668 =141.61 kg/m3

Requirement of materials per Cubic meter
Cement = 504.21 Kg/m3
Fine Aggregate = 683.24 Kg/m3
Coarse Aggregate = 1108.13 Kg/m3
Water = 141.61 Kg/ m3
Super plasticizers = 4.6681 / m3

So the final ratio becomes
Cement : Fine agg (kg/m3) : Coarse agg (kg/m3) : Water (l/m3): Superplasticizer (l/m3)

1: 1.35 :2.19 :0.29 :0.8


This concrete mix design has been submitted to us by Natarajan. We are thankful to him for this valuable contribution.

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163 comments on "Concrete Mix Design M-60"

govind says:

As part of my thesis,i need the M-60 mix design by using 20mm aggregates.
Can you please send me the M-60 mix design by using 20 mm downgraded aggregates.

S.G of C.A=2.7
S.G of F.A=2.64,zone-2
Admixture=Fosroc conplast sp 430
cement=ultratech-opc 53
S.G of Cement=3.1
it should be of indian standard plz it is my humble request sir………..

Surender Kumar says:

Dear Govind PL give the Thisis for M 60 Grade concrete for my project work

rajendra bhati says:

pl give M-25 mix design with minimum cement content 425 kg/Cum

aimal says:

that is too usfull.


Suneet Tiwari says:

Dear sir,
Your Method of design is okay but if you are using OPC cement (S.G. 3.15 is given by you) in indian weather condition
the maximum cement content will be 450kg/cubic m and according to your design it is 504 kg/cubic m.I think it is too
high and it will effect the durability of concrete.

For further detail about cotrrect MIx for M-60 Pump caught me on my mail id.


Suneet Tiwari

zainul says:

We can give M-25 concrete with minimum cement content 350 kg/Cum

bhargavpatel says:

we need a MIX Design of M-65 by using a 20 mm aggregate and using a micro silica and admixture… for a initial setting time of 90 min….

sir plz send me the mix design of M65 , This is my humble request and it will be useful to all of us

Surender Kumar says:

Pl Send me the Mix Design For M60 Grade of Concrete with Microsillica as Mineral Admixture

Cement OPC 53
Sp. Gravity of CA 2.68
Sp. Gravity OF FA 2.65
Admixture Gillenium B233
Sand of Zone-II
AIV 14.5%

tesfay marye says:

i so feels hapy to be acivil engineering student
i would like to say you you are wender full.

tesfay marye says:

i would like to see the staps of mix desin&the avilable tables for mix desine

tesfay marye says:

i would like to see the steps of mix desin&the avilable tables for mix desine

Rohit baitha says:

I just love to learn about concrete design mix & structural work if
you can help me i will be very glad.

sunilkumar says:

Pl Send me the Mix Design For M60 Grade of Concrete with Microsillica as Mineral Admixture& Free flow concrete (SCC)

Cement OPC 53
Sp. Gravity of CA 2.84
Sp. Gravity OF FA 2.72
Sand of Zone-II
AIV 23%

Sunil Mistry says:

Even you can try with MetaCem85 C – Metakaolin inplace of MicroSilica-

sunilkumar says:

resp. sir,
i am doing pg in structural engineering and my project is on high strength conrete with
crushed sand as fine aggregate ranges from M-60 to M-80. i want guidance about mix design
methods reffer than IS code 10262 method due to some limitations.

viji says:

thank u so much. it was very useful to us.

R.Rajput says:

We are urgently required the mix design of concrete Mix M25 with J.P Cement PPC ,20mm &10mm aggregate,
coarse sand of zone 2nd and pidilite admixture BRL.Please specify the quantities of all the materials to
be used and stating the slump.this mix design is to be used through concrete mix plant.
Hoping for the positive action soon.

Omo-Obi says:

Sir, it’e good to know that, there can be an alternative to concrete mix design……
I will like to have Hughes alternatives!

Samadhan G.Gaikwad says:

Thans for The Proper Lecture &Guidence & Very Usfull For My Future Prospect.
Thanking You.-
Samadhan G.Gaikwad

yuvraj says:

can you give me a challenging problem statement or anything related to that, for casting a concrete block taking into consideration SUSTAINABILITY DEVELOPMENT i.e.which will be environment friendly and useful in future also….
please this is so urgent……..

Sanjay singh says:

which specific gravity (bulk, SSD, apparent)to be use in absolute volume design method. Another thing is that while designing we are assuming the aggregate is on ssd condition or not. If yes, then its need to add water for water absorption?

SATISH says:

sir please send me the mix design of M60 using 20mm aggregate as maximum size of aggregate

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