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Concrete Mix Design M-60


Target strength = 60Mpa
Max size of aggregate used = 12.5 mm
Specific gravity of cement = 3.15
Specific gravity of fine aggregate (F.A) = 2.6
Specific gravity of Coarse aggregate (C.A) = 2.64
Dry Rodded Bulk Density of fine aggregate = 1726 Kg/m3
Dry Rodded Bulk Density of coarse aggregate = 1638 Kg/m3

Calculation for weight of Coarse Aggregate:
From ACI 211.4R Table 4.3.3 Fractional volume of oven dry Rodded C.A for 12.5mm size aggregate is 0.68m3
Weight of C.A = 0.68*1638 = 1108.13 Kg/m3

Calculation for Quantity of Water:
From ACI 211.4R Table 4.3.4
Assuming Slump as 50 to 75mm and for C.A size 12.5 mm the Mixing water = 148 ml
Void content of FA for this mixing water = 35%
Void content of FA (V)
V = {1-(Dry Rodded unit wt / specific gravity of FA*1000)}*100
= [1-(1726/2.6*1000)]*100
= 34.62%

Adjustment in mixing water = (V-35)* 4.55
= (34.62 – 35)*4.55
= -1.725 ml
Total water required = 148 + (-1.725) = 146.28 ml
Calculation for weight of cement
From ACI 211.4R Table 4.3.5(b)
Take W / C ratio = 0.29
Weight of cement = 146.28 / 0.29 = 504.21 kg/m3


Calculation for weight of Fine Aggregate:

Cement = 504.21 / 3.15*1000= 0.1616
Water = 146.28 / 1*1000= 0.1462
CA = 1108.13 / 3*1000= 0.3690
Entrapped Air = 2 / 100= 0.020
Total = 0.7376m3
Volume of Fine Aggregate= 1-0.7376
Weight of Fine Aggregate= 0.2624*2.6*1000= 683.24 kg/m3

Super plasticizer:
For 0.8% = (0.8 / 100)*583.53 = 4.668 ml

Correction for water:
Weight of water (For 0.8%) =146.28 – 4.668 =141.61 kg/m3

Requirement of materials per Cubic meter
Cement = 504.21 Kg/m3
Fine Aggregate = 683.24 Kg/m3
Coarse Aggregate = 1108.13 Kg/m3
Water = 141.61 Kg/ m3
Super plasticizers = 4.6681 / m3

So the final ratio becomes
Cement : Fine agg (kg/m3) : Coarse agg (kg/m3) : Water (l/m3): Superplasticizer (l/m3)

1: 1.35 :2.19 :0.29 :0.8


This concrete mix design has been submitted to us by Natarajan. We are thankful to him for this valuable contribution.

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163 comments on "Concrete Mix Design M-60"

furqan says:

nice and thanks

Alok jha says:

What are the thumb-rules commonly used for asphalt and concrete designe ?

Ajay Maurya says:

For Practice

sandeep singh gour says:

thanks a lot…..sir can u plz send me design mix procedure of
M60 grage concrete by using “burnt brick aggregate” at place of
normal aggregate.
…. i am in an urgent need as am doing project on it….

Sharad Kumar says:

Really good and very useful.

sachin mali says:

resp. sir,
i am doing pg in structural engineering and my project is on high strength conrete with
crushed sand as fine aggregate ranges from M-60 to M-80. i want guidance about mix design
methods rather than IS code method due to some limitations.

PR Chandran says:

Can we modify this design for pumbable mix.I would like to get mix design for M-45 pumbable mix with M-sand,12 and 20mm aggregates,

abhishek says:

what is the workability?
what are the materials i,e. admixture,ca and fa

avinash diwakar says:

sir , i m a student of M.Tech (C.A.D.) of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (India). I m going to make an expert system of mix design in which by varying the percentage of ingredients of concrete we can get a strength of mix. for that purpose i want to get a various relationship of ingredients of concrete with strength.
so please suggest me from where i can get these relationships.

murali says:

I want mix design less than M50 but it have strength more than 50N/mm2. Any body help me.

raj says:

hi sir this is very useful to our civil guys but we do in old concrete meathod sir i mean in concrete sample we mix lime, sugar , egg etc…… wht u tell sir,,,,,,,


i required for M40 & M45 grade concrete mix design plz send me my mail id.


i need m40&m45 grade mix design

Uttam kalwane says:

Sir kindly tell me which care we should take to select proper superplasticizer for designing Mix M60 and above?

AP says:

Hi 2 All

I designed M60 grade concrete in Delhi for a flyover with
Cement-470kg/cu.m(53 grade Ultratech OPC),
Microsilica-25kg/cu.m (Elkem),
Admixture(Sikament 600)-1.2% dose,
28 day strength at service structures- 72MPa

eshwar.a says:

i want M35 M40 with fly ash mix design



kattlenn hope says:

thanx, the infos in this site is a great help specially for us, bsce students…

Baibhav Tiwari says:

Sir, I just wanted to know that in IS code-10262 we are allowed to design upto M-50 only, but for
high strength viz. M-60, where do we get the procedure from?
Kindly, give me the IS procedure for that as our client is not allowing us to use ACI code or any
other foreign code.
Please send it ASAP.

Baibhav Tiwari says:

Dear Mr. AP

I got your design of M-60 of ra flyover at delhi…but i need design calculations alongwith the code
that you are referring to…kindly send ASAP…

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