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Civil Engineering Books

Civil Engineers from around the world face problems in looking for books related to their research or thesis. So we at have collected the books which will be useful to civil engineers in their study. In case you can not find the book you need, just use the search function by keeping civil engineering as default search.

We have launched a special amazon civil engineering books section only for Indians. Now you can search civil engineering books by Indian authors and buy them online. Not only books, if you are looking for something else (like mobile, pen drive etc) just search and buy.

156 comments on "Civil Engineering Books"

saeed says:

I need this book:Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings
please help me

philip says:

could let me know how to purchase the book on Civil engineering materials

deepthi says:

i want to know which book is best for advanced structural design…….and i want previous question papers for that subjct

akila says:

i want to know architechtural design of building

bakalcha says:

sir, please would you share books titled as mechanics of materials prepared by James Gere and Timoshenko

Dinesh Chand says:

i want to take of books
soil mechanics,environment,water resources,building design,railway& airport, rural water supply
plz give me name’s of writter

sunny banerjee says:

for soil mechanics -Dr K.R arora Or B.C punmia
Enviorment -S.K garg
water resources-B.C punmia
Building desigh- Malik & Meo
Railway-Justo & khanna

D sesha giri says:

I want to take a book of water supply design, calculation of water pressure, so pls refer the book

madhavi says:

its better to refer subramanyam and ohja

benyaminproth says:

For 100 m3 concrete say M15, how many kg to buy cement, sand and gravel?

sachin kr says:

28600kg of cement 68000of sand 72600of 20mm gravel 58700of 10mm gravel 14900of water

Shankar says:

M15 is a nominal mix, its proportion is 1:2:4

for 1cum of final mix(Dence) is required, 1.50 to 1.55 Cum
of loose ingredients with the required proportion we want
to add.

Based on that take avg of 1.50 & 1.55 is 1.52

Total proportion = 1+2+4 = 7

For Cement Qty = 1.52/7=0.217 Cum of cement required to
prepare 1Cum of M15 concrete.But cement is always taken in
Weight.For that the unit weight of cement is 1440 KG/Cum
Total cement required = 0.217×1440= 312.68 Kgs.

Sand = 0.217 x 2 =0.434 Cum

Metal or Aggregate = 0.217 x 4 =0.868 Cum

Sai Shankar Sahu says:

I want to purchase books regarding Mechanics of solids, Fluid mechanics and Hydraluic machines and Building materials and Building constructions. So please give some writers’ name, which i should refer for…

Ilyasu Usman Salihu says:

Please i want to purchase some these books in project management such these following; A System Approach to planning. by: Harold Kerner. and Strategic project management made simple, by: Terry Schmidt. Agile Project management for busy managers, By Tony Riches.
Please let me know how to get these titles and the mode of payment and time of delivery reaching me here in Kano state Nigeria.

shelendra thainua says:

i want to purchase some civil engineering books so pls tell me what is the procedure ………

jegadeesan says:

i need civil engineering question and answer book for preparing TNPSC & RRB jobs. kindly please which book and where it was get

ankit says:

hey i am doing civil draftmen from iti lucknow charbagh need some good books in hindi pdf format practical and theory

prasad says:

i need a book on complete concrete mix design according to standards can someone guide me with good authors name and his publication and how can i get that book

thorat sushma says:

I have taken admission for m.e civil structure.but no one guide for me for study notes. Please send me notes

Amresh kumar pandey says:

Mai civil engg se diploma kar raha tha jisme final year me back in r.c.t me lag gaya mujhe kya karna chahiye aage

Murugappan says:

I want design of rc element,environmental enginnering book

Sahil says:

I want to purchase book for the reinforced concrete cement . Which is best ?

S.K. Gupta says:

one of the good book for learners- R.C.C- V.L.Shah

UDAY says:

I want to prepare for gate so i want to purchase some books.So,please give me some good books names

RAGHAV says:


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