Chenani – Nashri Tunnel – India’s Longest Tunnel

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Today, i.e. April 02, 2017, the prime minister of India inaugurated India’s longest tunnel in Kashmir known as the Chenani-Nashri Tunnel, also known as Patnitop Tunnel. This is considered as an engineering marvel in India and it will reduce the distance between Jammu and Srinagar by 30.11 km and time by two hours.

Here are few of the interesting facts about the Chenani – Nashri Tunnel

  • Chenani – Nashri Tunnel is India’s longest road tunnel with a length of 9.28 km (5.8 mi)
  • Chenani – Nashri Tunnel is technologically one of the most advanced road tunnels ever built in India as it has a fully transverse ventilation system along with fully-integrated tunnel control system.
  • Chenani – Nashri Tunnel is Asia’s longest bi-directional highway tunnel with no human intervention required for its operations.
  • The diameter of main tunnel is 13 metres and the diameter of the escape tunnel is 6 metres. Both these are connected by 29 cross passages at intervals of every 300 metres.
  • The elevation of the tunnel is said to be 1200 metres. This project was undertaken by IL&FS but now will be handed by National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)
  • Though demonetization is said to have impacted its completion date, still the project is completed within 6 years at a rough estimate of Rs 3,720 crore (US$550 million). The work started on May 23, 2011 and the initial budget was Rs 2,520 crore (US$370 million).
  • The other advantage of this project apart from cutting the distance and saving fuel price will be that even during winters, it will keep the cities connected.
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