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Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering) Shahbad Daulatpur, Main Bawana Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110042 Rithala Metro Station

Society for civil and environmental engineers SCEE is a society funded in 2009 and it aims to provide its members various opportunities to participate in events related to bestowing practical knowledge in the field of civil and environmental engineering. It is under our faculty advisor Dr. A K Shrivastava and guided by chief patron Dr. A K Gupta.


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SCEE conducts various technical and non-technical events showcased under a highly acclaimed tech-week Aarambh ’15.SCEE under its annual tech week aarambh organizes competitions like bridge construction, building earthquake resistant structures and water lines which wake your brain cells. Also case studies are organized throughout the year.


Not only this, Lan Gaming and Idiot Box type non-technical events are also conducted that cater in this prestigious tech-week.

Logomania: Get It, Create it.
Are you erudite enough to identify the logo, taglines and artistic to design the logo. This is an enthralling event that tests your knowledge of logos.

Eurakrane: “POSTER+ Link in all
A floating crane is specialised in lifting heavyloads. This events is all about building a stable floating crane using popsicle sticks. with exciting cash prizes to offer.

Do you know what a bascule bridge is?It is a movable bridge with a counter weight that continously. balances a span. this event deals with creation of a bascule bridge using popsicle sticks.

Hydraulic Kolu
Using the basic knowledge of hydraulics and pascal’s law, you have to bring forth the model a hydraulic arm of a crane.
hydrolok arm

Q bola is a combination of quiz and tambola. Explore this mixture through an amazing event of SCEE. Strike it and win it.

Case Study: Mysterium Oleum
Case Study involves solving the mystery of oil transportation to its final destination that are refineries.

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