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Here opens the gates to the battle to be won by creativity and thinking alone.A challenge to the architects and civil engineers out there to think of and come out with ideas that break stereotypes.

In BUILDREAMS, you will be posed with a few real life problem statements dealing with planning and designing of buildings and the various aspects of it.

The process is simple.Check out for the problem statements, think, dream, live..that’s everything….!

This is an online and onsite event.The Online Round starts on Dec 15th, 2011.The event is for 2 months with 4 sessions (15 days each,independent of one another).

The winner for each session will be selected based on the review on a specified date (Feb 1- 4,2012).Top 20% of the entries will only be called for a final review.


Check out for more details about this event at!/Events/Online-Events/Buildreams.k !!!!

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Kanwarjot Singh

Kanwarjot Singh is the founder of Civil Engineering Portal, a leading civil engineering website which has been awarded as the best online publication by CIDC. He did his BE civil from Thapar University, Patiala and has been working on this website with his team of Civil Engineers.

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