What are the IS Codes used Functional Requirements In Buildings?

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Following are the IS codes which are used for Functional Requirements In Buildings. These IS Codes include standardization in the field of functional requirements in buildings: from comfort point of view, such as space distribution, orientation, day-lighting, ventilation, acoustics and thermal comforts, from health and safety point of view, from the point of view of accessibility for persons with disability and from the point of view of energy requirements.

IS 1950:1962 Code of practice for sound insulation of non-industrial buildings

IS 2440:1975 Guide for day lighting of buildings

IS 2526:1963 Code of practice for acoustical design of auditoriums and conference halls

IS 3103:1975 Code of practice for industrial ventilation

IS 3362:1977 Code of practice for natural ventilation of residential buildings

IS 3483:1965 Code of practice for noise reduction in industrial buildings

IS 3792:1978 Guide for heat insulation of non industrial buildings

IS 4954:1968 Recommendations for noise abatement in town planning

IS 4963:1987 Recommendations for buildings and facilities for the physically handicapped

IS 5499:1969 Code of practice for construction of underground air-raid shelters in natural soil

IS 6060:1971 Code of practice for day lighting of factory

IS 6074:1971 Code of practice for functional requirements of hotels, restaurants and other food service

IS 7662(Part 1):1974 Recommendations for orientation of buildings: Part 1 Non-industrial buildings

IS 7942:1976 Code of practice for day lighting of educational buildings

IS 8827:1978 Recommendations for basic requirements of school buildings

IS 9736:1981 Glossary of terms applicable to acoustics

IS 11050(Part 1):1984/ ISO 717/1-1982 Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements: Part 1 Airborne sound insulation in buildings and of interior building elements

IS 11050(Part 2):1984/ ISO 717/2-1982 Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements: Part 2 Impact sound insulation

IS 11050(Part 3):1984/ ISO 717/3-1982 Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements: Part 3 Airborne sound insulation of facade elements and facades

IS 11907:1986 Recommendations for calculation of solar radiation on buildings

IS 12332:1988 Code of practice for ventilation in petro-chemical plants and refineries

IS 13735:1993/ ISO 8201-1987 Specification for audible emergency evacuation

SP 32(S&T): 1986 Handbook on functional requirements of industrial buildings (lighting and ventilation)

SP 41(S&T): 1987 Handbook on functional requirements of buildings (other than industrial buildings)

This IS Code list is updated as on September 10, 2011 on engineeringcivil.com. We have tried to list all Indian Standard Codes for standardization in the field of Functional Requirements In Buildings, but might have missed a few. If you know any code which we have missed, just comment below and help us add it in this list.

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