What are the IS codes used for Construction Management?

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Following are the IS codes which are used for Construction Management including safety in construction. It also includes planning and organization at site for residential buildings, public buildings and offices, and industrial buildings, formulation of standards laying down safety requirements in the various operations involved in different types of civil engineering construction.

IS 3696(Part 1):1987 Safety code of scaffolds and ladders: Part 1

IS 3696(Part 2):1991 Safety code of scaffolds and ladders: Part 2

IS 3764:1992 Code of safety for excavation work

IS 4014(Part 2):1967 Code of practice for steel tubular scaffolding: Part 2 Safety regulations for scaffolding

IS 4081:1986 Safety code for blasting and related drilling operations

IS 4082:1996 Recommendations on stacking and storage of construction materials and components at site

IS 4130:1991 Safety code for demolition of buildings

IS 4138:1977 Safety code for working in compressed air

IS 4756:1978 Safety code for tunneling work

IS 4912:1978 Safety requirements for floor and wall openings, railings and toe boards


IS 5121:1969 Safety code for piling and other deep foundations

IS 5916:1970 Safety code for construction involving use of hot bituminous materials

IS 7272(Part 1):1974 Recommendations for labour output constants for building work: Part 1 North zone

IS 7293:1974 Safety code for working with construction machinery

IS 7969:1975 Safety code for handling and storage of building materials

IS 10067:1982 Material constants in building works

IS 10291:1982 Safety code for dress divers in civil engineering

IS 10302:1982 Unified nomenclature of workmen for civil

IS 13415:1992 Code of safety for protective barriers in and around buildings

IS 13416(Part 1):1992 Recommendations for preventive measures against hazards at workplaces: Part 1 Falling material hazards prevention

IS 13416(Part 2):1992 Recommendations for preventive measures against hazards at workplaces: Part 2 Fall

IS 13416(Part 3):1994 Recommendations for preventive measures against hazards at workplaces: Part 3 Disposal

IS 13416(Part 4):1994 Recommendations for preventive measures against hazards at workplaces: Part 4 Timber

IS 13416(Part 5):1994 Recommendations for preventive measures against hazards at workplaces: Part 5 Fire

IS 13430:1992 Code of practice for safety during additional construction and alteration to existing buildings

IS 15883(Part 1):2009 Guidelines for Construction Project Management: Part 1 General

SP 70: 2001 Handbook on construction safety practices


This Indian Standard Code list for Construction Management is updated as on January 31, 2012 on We have tried to list all Indian Standard Codes for Construction Management, but might have missed a few. If you know any code which we have missed, just comment below and help us add it in this list.

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