CivilCon 2018

CivilCon 2018 Istanbul presents the chance of developing yourself with leading names in the construction sector; competitions, parties, workshops, technical trips and more! Are you ready to spend a full week of social activities?
Have fun, learn, expand your network, catch the opportunities!

CivilCon’18 will take place on 22-23-24-25-26 February 2018 (5 nights 5 days). Participation fee includes seminars, technical tours, workshops, transportation during the organization, accommodation, meals and social activities.

Price doesn’t include flight ticket. It will be purchased by attendees Those who are entitled to participate are responsible for their transportation to Istanbul themselves.

The only criterion that is going to be noticed at the participant selections is the answer to this question; “Why do you want to join CivilCon’18?” Having your answer in the motivation letter style will give you plus points.

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Transit Oriented Development Summit 2018

Leading Transit Oriented Development Summit Globally Comes to Singapore in 2018!

Equip Global’sTransit Oriented Development World Summit 2018 taking place from 13 -16 March 2018 has been tailored to bring together senior-level decision makers from the Ministries of Transportation, National Development, and Infrastructure, Housing Authorities, Urban Development Authorities, Rail Operators, Investment firms and City Planners around the Asian region and globally to provide a unique insight on how can you enhance TOD strategies within your cities through topics focused around public-private partnership (PPP), successful business model and finance mechanisms, getting the buy in from different stakeholders, success factors in site selection and analysis, best practices of urban design in TOD, best ways to integrate land use and transport planning and many more!

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2nd Bridges & Highways Asia Summit 2018

Leading Conference on Planning, Design, Construction and Maintenance for Bridges and Highways in Asia Comes to Hong Kong in 2018!

The 2nd Bridges & Highways Asia Summit 2018 will return with the aim to establish the benchmarks of such objectives, as well as accelerating industry growth by bringing project owners and bridges & highway development/program leaders together, sharing & connecting their knowledge, best practices, and development visions.

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2nd Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2018

Asia’s Leading SKYSCRAPERS SUMMIT comes to Hong Kong in February 2018!

Equip Global is proud to announce Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2018, taking place between 27 February – 2 March 2018, Hong Kongwill return bigger and better as Asia premier networking and learning platform for Government Authorities, Project Developers, Investors and Project Contractors as well as Skyscraper Solution Providers to discuss and share insightful experiences and knowledge on existing successful and future skyscraper projects around Asia.

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PMMHF 2018

2018 China Prefab House, Modular Building, Mobile House & Space Fair (PMMHF 2018)

Having been first held in 2010, China Prefab House, Modular Building, Mobile House & Space Fair(PMMHF) is nowone of the leading international prefabricated building fair in China. And PMMHF2018comes back with high expectations.

The 8th China Prefab House, Modular Building, Mobile House & Space Fair(PMMHF2018)
Date: May 15th-17th, 2018
Venue: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center

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