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CABT 2017

 2017 China (Guangzhou)

Advanced Building Technology

and Construction Industrialization Exhibition      

September 10-12, 2017  Guangzhou · Canton Fair Pazhou Exhibition Hall

Chinese Confederation of Roll Forming Industry
Guangdong Provincial Association of Steel Construction
Guangzhou Zonglan Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Supported by:
Metallurgical Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
China Steel Construction Society[SCS]
Tower Mast Steel Structure Branch Association, SCS
Housing construction Architecture Steel Structure Branch Association,SCS
Steel Pipe Branch Association,SCS
Boiler Steel Structure Branch Association, SCS
Ocean Steel Structure Branch Association, SCS
Bridge Steel Structure Branch Association, SCS
Society of Automotive Engineers of China
The Chinese Society for Metals
Taiwan Association of Metal Structure
The Hong Kong Institute of Steel Construction
Macao Society of Metal Structure
National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association
South Korea Corrugated Steel Pipe Association
International Tube Association
European Roll Forming Steel Association
Guangzhou Construction Technology Committee
Industrial Alliance of Steel Structure of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao
Guangdong Engineering Geo-technical Survey & Design Association
South China Architecture Design Institute of Guangdong Province
Dongguan Green Building Association


To Lead the High-end Construction Market

30% of new houses in China

 will be manufactured in plants

in the future 10 years

China’s Green Building Action

brings the investment opportunity

valued RMB 15 trillion

Introduction of the Exhibition
CABT is an exhibition platform dedicated to advanced construction technology solutions. The exhibition focuses on the prefabricated constructions, green constructions, construction industrialization, integrated constructions, construction energy conservation, etc.. It exhibits the cutting-edge products & top-notch technologies, and constructs an interactive platform of full industry chain for advanced building technology.

Market Background

1. China is energetically promoting the prefabricated constructions

The Chinese government clearly points out in the documents including the New Urbanization Planning during the “13th Five-Year Plan” Period, Green Building Action Plan, Guiding Opinions on Energetically Developing the Prefabricated Constructions etc. that we should vigorously promote the prefabricated constructions and strive to raise the percentage of prefabricated constructions to 30% in the newly-built constructions in the coming 10 years or so.

2. The market space of China’s industrialized construction is huge

The level of construction industrialization in developed countries reaches as high as over 70%, while in China it only reaches 3%-5%, which is a great gap in this regard. Currently, the Chinese government is vigorously promoting the prefabricated constructions and green buildings to build a beautiful China. Under this background, the upstream and downstream of the construction industry will form new industry chain. This means a great new market space of China’s construction industrialization.

Advantages of Exhibition

1. Collaboration of the international and national authorities

The Exhibition is jointly sponsored by more than 20 Chinese and foreign authorities including government departments, industry associations and leading enterprises.

2. Interactive display of full industry chain

The Exhibition is committed to enhance the interaction of full industry chain including design, structure, finished products, parts, supporting systems, manufacturing, construction and other links.

3. Combination of forum and exhibition

During the Exhibition, such activities as the Prefabricated construction Summit, Cold Forming Steel Summit, Real Estate Developer Salon, etc. will be held to interpret the policies and facilitate the industry interaction.

4. Influence the whole country basing on the

  huge market

The application of prefabricated constructions have become a “national strategy” in China. Being the pioneer of developing green buildings, Guangzhou is one of China’s biggest construction provinces which can greatly influence the surrounding areas and national market.

5. Precise and effective marketing promotion

Visitors & buyers from southern and even the whole country’s construction industry will be informed and invited through a precise and 3600 promotion network combined with the big database, professional medias and media sites.

6. International buyers invitation

The Exhibition will invite and organize the foreign buyer-groups from Europe,America,Asia and Africa etc. so as to provide the opportunities for exhibitors to directly access the domestic and foreign markets as well.

About Guangdong Province
Guangdong is the largest economic province & construction industry base in China.

In 2015, the gross value of the construction industry output in Guangdong was 886 billion.

According to the government planning,by 2020 in Guangdong Province, the proportion of prefabricated constructions will be risen to over 20% in new constructions. While by 2025, it will be more than 50%.

Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong Province, the center city of Southern China and the third larges city of China that is adjoining Hong Kong & Macao and influencing the Southeast Asia.


Series of Activities

Summits, professional seminars, sample rooms visiting, business visit and study, etc.

Theme forum 2017 China Prefabricated Construction Summit

Theme of Conference: The Future of Construction Industry

Major Topics:

1 Current situation and future development trend of prefabricated constructions 5 Development management and cost control of prefabricated constructions
2 Interpretation of relevant policies for modernization of construction industry 6 BIM application of prefabricated constructions


3 Design essentials, difficulties and case studies of prefabricated constructions 7 Wall technology of prefabricated constructions
4 FAQ about construction process of prefabricated constructions 8 Research & Development of Domestic and Foreign Prefabricated Wood-structured Passive Houses

Range of Exhibits

1.          Architectural design 2.          New energy-saving construction materials for modern constructions
3.          Steel constructions 4.          Modular construction
5.          Various integrated housing 6.          Application of solar-powered constructions
7.          Prefabricated components and parts 8.          Equipment & facilities for modern constructions
9.          Sun room system 10.       Wall materials
11.       Roofing materials 12.       Relevant supporting products

Booth Fee

Booths Fee$260/

Standard booth One 3m×3m information desk, 2 folding chairs, 2 spotlights, Chinese-English fascia board, dustbin, carpet, etc;

Space only minimum 36 sqm, without any facilities available; exhibitors shall be responsible for booth design and decoration, subject to RMB30yuan/ as special decoration management fee by the organizing committee.

Target Visitors

Job Functions Architects

Interior designers

Developers / Building owners


Facility managers



System integrators

Agents & Distributors

Government officials

Nature of Business Architecture

Bank / Financial Institution

Building Contractors and Sub-Contractors


Engineering Services

Facility Management


Healthcare & Pharmaceutical


Interior Design

Interior Furnishing / Finishes

Landscape Design

Lighting Design



Quantity Surveying

Real Estate Developer / Owner

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

Restaurants / F&B


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