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Airfield Pavement Design & Evaluation

Event Name: Airfield Pavement Design & Evaluation
Event Date: 6 – 9 November 2017
Event Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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Well-designed airport pavements for runways, taxiways, and apron areas will provide excellent long-term performance under a range of operational and site conditions. While it is evident that good construction is important, it is critical to understand that pavements will only perform to expectations when good designs are implemented throughout the construction stage.


This course is developed to give professionals involved in the design process a complete guide to understanding the overall pavement system, from the different types of pavements to the design methods and their limitations, through the reasons for materials specifications on to the lessons learned from past processes. It will comprehensively cover new and proven pavement design processes, methodologies, techniques and strategies, rehabilitating processes and strategies, and analysis of asphalt, Portland cement, concrete, bitumen, and pavements of different materials. The course will be conducted by an expert on the subject matter with real-life case studies and class exercises to encourage interactive discussion among participants.


Successful Participants will master pavement design, evaluation and analysis concepts as well as the tools and techniques that facilitate the work. It will also incorporate the latest regulatory standards and procedures in order to help participants learn how to design pavements that comply to regulations and safety standards.

Come attend if you are Engineers / Pavement Designers / Consulting Engineers / Construction Managers / Pavement Designers / Military Engineers / and Any Practitioners Responsible For The Design Or Analysis Of New Or Rehabilitated Airfield Pavements

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