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Soil Lab Equipment List

1. Standard Sieves
Sieve diameter: 200 mm
Mesh size – 0.075 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm, and 20 mm, with pan and lid.
2. Digital Sieve Shaker
3. Balance & scale
(1) 200 g/0.001 g
(2) 3000g/0.01 g;
(3) 20 kg/1 g
4. Digital Display Constant Temperature Convection Oven
5. Standard Proctor Compactor & Modified Proctor Compactor
6. 150KN Universal Electric Extruder
7. Sand Replacement Test Sets (Galvanized Steel)
8. Sand Cone Test Sets

9. Digital liquid plastic limit united device
10. Disc type liquid limit device (Casagrande Method)
11. Plastic Limit Test Sets
12. Shrinkage Limit Test Set
13. Falling Head Soil Permeability Apparatus
14. Constant Head Permeability Apparatus
15. Electric Strain Unconfined Compression Tester
16. Triplex Consolidation Apparatus
17. Duodenary Direct Shear Pre-pressing Apparatus
18. Electric Strain Direct Shear Testing Apparatus
19. Four-bladed Vane Shear Testing Apparatus
20. Consolidation and Permeability United Apparatus
21. Triaxial Test Set
22. CBR Machine
23. Field CBR Test Set
24. Field Loading Plate Test Apparatus
25. Relative Density Apparatus
26. Digital Display Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine
27. Resilience Modulus Test Apparatus
28. Portable Mixer (Universal)
29. Large pulverizing machine


30. Capillary Water Rise Height Tester
31. Expansion Apparatus
32. Shrinkage Testing Meter
33. Free Swelling Rate Meter
34. Speedy Moisture Test Sets
35. Natural Slope Test Sets
36. Stainless steel cutting ring
37. Aluminum can
38. Enamel tray
39. Wire Saw
40. Scraper, spatula, and Shovel or Scoop
41. Graduated flask and stirrer
42. Thermometers
43. Hydrometer
44. Desiccators
45. Caliper
46. Soil Pycnometer
47. Mortar and Pestle

48. Soil sampling device
49. Vacuum Saturator Apparatus
50. Linear Shrinkage Mould

We at are thankful to Shanghai Civil and Road Instrument Co., Ltd for submitting this list to us.

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parth gajjar says:

such a use full for student and use in study so thank you

Lucky says:

Thanks to all who made this site a success,im grateful for making my Report to standard.

manideep sen says:

my self professional civilengineer, interested for opening a soiltesting lab at Silchar Assam, can u pl provide me the initial cost to start such a venture

Kadiam jayaraju says:

Quality control labs equipment and procedures for testing in civilengineering for panchayatiraj department

irfan says:

Sir I am a civil engineer I want to start my own civil engineering lab for that what machinery I need please send the rate list ?

shaban Mselem says:

Please I want to know the price of civil engineering laboratory machines. Can I get the real price for each machine. Thanks regards

Percival Stewart says:

Great info for starters

Ncholu says:

May I get full quotation about estimated amount that will be all required for this all the equipment

Titiksha says:

What will be the total cost of the instruments for running the soil testing laboratory?

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