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List Of Research Publications Of Kaushal Kishore

KAUSHAL KISHORE has written, published and presented over 150 research papers, including four books pertaining to Concrete Technology, Materials Testing, Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control, Construction Chemicals, Ready Mixed Concrete, Grouting & Gunating Work, Repair, Rehabilitation and Waterproofing of Buildings.

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Er Kaushal Kishore

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1. Kishore Kaushal, “Concrete Mix Design”, Manglik Prakashan, 159, Bomanji Road, Saharanpur (U.P), 1987 (26 pages).
2. Kishore Kaushal, “method of Concrete Mix Design with Chemical Admixtures and for Pumped Concrete, Standard Publication, New Delhi
(37 pages).
3. Kishore Kaushal, “Material Testing Laboratory manual”, Standard Pulishers, 1705-B, Nai Sarak, Delhi-110 006 (236 pages).
4. Kishore Kaushal, “Manual of Concrete Mix Design based on IS: 456-2000, Standard Publishers Distributors, 1705-B, Nai Sarak, Delhi- 110 006, (48 pages).

1. Kishore Kaushal, “Mix Design with Superplasticizers”.
2. Kishore Kaushal, “Save Environment with Green Construction”.
3. Kishore Kaushal, “Roof Waterproofing with Brick Bat Coba”.
4. Kishore Kaushal, “Setting Small Testing Laboratory at Site”.


KAUSHAL KISHORE has conducted the following CONCRETE MIX DESIGN and submitted to various departments and builders over 5000 Concrete Mix Design reports. He has published papers almost on all the following topics.

1. Concrete Mix Design from ordinary strength to ultra high strength concrete (28-days cube compressive strength above 100 Mpa)
2. Concrete Mix Design based on flexural strength.
3. Concrete Mix Design with Chemical Admixtures.
4. Concrete Mix Design for pumped Concrete.
5. Concrete Mix Design with Fly Ash.
6. Mix Design of Polymer – modified mortars and concrete.
7. Concreted Mix Design with up to 150 mm aggregate.
8. Mix Design of light weight and heavy weight concrete.
9. Mix Design of grouted concrete.
10. Mix Design of of Shotcrete Concrete.
11. Mix Design of of fibre-reinforced Concrete.
12. Concrete Mix Design for particular durability.
13. Concrete Mix Design for Roller Compacted Concrete.

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Your Question I have replied in my paper NOMINAL & DESIGN MIXES which is just going
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