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Fare we’ll from my IIT, Roorkee Laboratory

Fare we’ll from my IIT, Roorkee Laboratory.
Whole civil engineering department was talking
A young boy is coming to hold my hand
I still remember it was raining
When Dr. Jai Krishna give my hand in your hands
My whole body thrilled while my hand was in your hands
I feel myself lucky and glad
A very handsome boy is going to be mine
God only knows for how much time
I was poor and totally nacked
You decorate and made me richest
I could not sleep whole night
As tomorrow you are going to leave me
I hear the sound of clappings
For your Praise from the head of IIT
but my heart was weeping
As soon I will not see you again
The. You come look at me
Look at the mechines you had installed
At a last look at me
You left me for ever
Believe me my love
You will always be in my heart
I will always be only yours
I will pray for your peaceful long and healthy life
God bless you.
– Kaushal Kishore

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Kanwarjot Singh

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