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Is curing compound suitable for all concrete?

For concrete structures with low water-cement ratio (i.e. less than 0.4), it may not be suitable to use curing compound for curing. When hydration takes place, the relative humidity of interior concrete drops which leads to self-desiccation and drying-out.

With no external supply of water, the cement paste can self-desiccate in such an extent that the hydration process stops. As such, curing compounds may not be sufficient to retain enough water in the concrete. In this case, wet curing is a better choice which serves to provide an external source of water.


This question is taken from book named – A Closer Look at Prevailing Civil Engineering Practice – What, Why and How by Vincent T. H. CHU.

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One comment on "Is curing compound suitable for all concrete?"

s.baskar says:

sir,actually we required the strength of concrete in site structure,then why i can’t add the curing compound in concrete to avoid the continuous curing.and we can able to stop he cube casting at lab.please send details and literature to how much of curing compound can be added to the concrete in per cum.

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