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ICES’16 – Sustaining Tomorrow

International Civil Engineering Symposium (ICES’16), an initiative by ASCE-VIT in collaboration with the American Society of Civil Engineers India section and School of Civil and Chemical Engineering of VIT University is the ultimate destination for civil engineers since past 2 years with a participation of over 1000 students, professionals, researchers and faculties.

The 2ndInternational Conference on Sustainable Energy and Built Environment which is to be held from 10th-12th March, is a global platform initiated to inspire innovation to address rising challenges of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The objective of the theme is to invite ideas on the foundations of strong research to improve our practices and policies, national as well as international for sustainable development in energy and built environment.

ICES 2016 – Sustaining Tomorrow

In this edition of ICES, we are hosting an international competition named, Green Ideation, which, aims to take a step towards searching innovative ideas for creating a sustainable built environment. Every team has to come up with an idea and has to showcase it into a working or a scale model of the same.


Hence, we are pleased to present to you, our 4-day symposium which includes in it:

1 Conference, 2 Events, 6 Guest Lectures, 7 Workshops and Green Ideation.

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