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    35 comments on "Contact Us"

    Anil kumar singh says:

    please can you tell me in the place of brick bat coba what we can do with benifits of waterproofing & insulation with long time effect.

    NS Singh says:

    First of just check the mother concrete that is roof slab. If porosity is more in the roof slab go for cement grouting. After completing cement grouting wait for some days and then remove all the loose mortars from the surface. After completing this process apply pidilite pidifin 2K or better water proofing chemicals available in the present market in two layers. After chemical application is completed, screed concrete for a minimum thickness of 50mm is to be casted over the surface in order to protect the waterproofing chemical layer

    rakesh sharma says:

    dear sir, give me mix design software

    Augustin says:

    I really love this site

    K.C.Sharma says:

    Anil kumar singh
    please can you tell me in the place of brick bat coba what we can do with benifits of waterproofing & insulation with long time effect.

    Consider using mudphuska as per CPWD practice. K.C.Sharma.


    crack once developed in concrete cannot be brought back to original structure. BB coba is just a first aid. It has its own limitations. It also develops cracks and increases roof weight.
    I tried liquid tar [dambar]. But I had to apply it every year. Then I found epoxy / synthetic based plastic putty to be more effective than the BB coba. I used Dr Fixit crack x putti. First time I laid or applied it in cracks, and it lasted for more than 3 yrs without deterioration. Hats off. Next time I have have applied and I am sure it will last for not less than 5 yrs.
    Also, it beautifully takes care of the leakages at the interface of pipe- slab-parapet wall. Filling gaps at the pipes will prevent seepage of water into the building exterior walls. This seepage is more severe where pvc pipe is used. The said putti has solved it.

    In equatorial country like India and dry place the temperature at night and day change a lot. In summers it may extend upto 20 to 25 deg.c. This is bound to result into cracks in the roof- slab. BB coba just adds thermal inertia to the roof. The roof gets heated up a during day and radiates heat in the roof in the night.
    I would suggest white topped roof. Heat reflecting paint applied to roof top can reduce room temp upto 4 deg c.

    This whole exercise has cost advantage also.

    K.C.Sharma says:

    Brickbat coba if done as per CPWD specs is long lasting. If top surface is to be used, it could be Precast cement terrazo tiles.

    Murugan.G says:

    I need m60 concrete design example. M60 concrete can i design using indian standard. Code.

    mahesh verma says:

    What is the exactly sodium salt mixing ratio for porosity salt test.

    mahesh verma says:

    What is the exactly sodium salt mixing ratio for porosity salt test for pavers small pavers not blocks.

    mahesh verma says:

    What is the rotation time or rpm of the roller test of pavers

    Mikela says:

    I want to make a mix design of high strength concrete based on BS EN 206-1.I have two laboratory examples.

    Sanjay Modi says:

    I am Project Management expert apart from expertise on Civil Engineering and to a certain extent on Architectural Matters . In case you have queries and services that require the above expertise do contact me .
    Shall be happy to hep you in exchange for a reasonable fee.

    Davin McLaws says:

    Hi, my name is Davin and I am part of a High School group Civil Engineering project. We would like to know what the typical day is like for an engineer, and what different things civil engineers specialize in. Also, what are the best universities for studying any kind of civil engineering?

    Thanks, have a great day!

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