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Concrete Mix Design M-60


Target strength = 60Mpa
Max size of aggregate used = 12.5 mm
Specific gravity of cement = 3.15
Specific gravity of fine aggregate (F.A) = 2.6
Specific gravity of Coarse aggregate (C.A) = 2.64
Dry Rodded Bulk Density of fine aggregate = 1726 Kg/m3
Dry Rodded Bulk Density of coarse aggregate = 1638 Kg/m3

Calculation for weight of Coarse Aggregate:
From ACI 211.4R Table 4.3.3 Fractional volume of oven dry Rodded C.A for 12.5mm size aggregate is 0.68m3
Weight of C.A = 0.68*1638 = 1108.13 Kg/m3

Calculation for Quantity of Water:
From ACI 211.4R Table 4.3.4
Assuming Slump as 50 to 75mm and for C.A size 12.5 mm the Mixing water = 148 ml
Void content of FA for this mixing water = 35%
Void content of FA (V)
V = {1-(Dry Rodded unit wt / specific gravity of FA*1000)}*100
= [1-(1726/2.6*1000)]*100
= 34.62%

Adjustment in mixing water = (V-35)* 4.55
= (34.62 – 35)*4.55
= -1.725 ml
Total water required = 148 + (-1.725) = 146.28 ml
Calculation for weight of cement
From ACI 211.4R Table 4.3.5(b)
Take W / C ratio = 0.29
Weight of cement = 146.28 / 0.29 = 504.21 kg/m3


Calculation for weight of Fine Aggregate:

Cement = 504.21 / 3.15*1000= 0.1616
Water = 146.28 / 1*1000= 0.1462
CA = 1108.13 / 3*1000= 0.3690
Entrapped Air = 2 / 100= 0.020
Total = 0.7376m3
Volume of Fine Aggregate= 1-0.7376
Weight of Fine Aggregate= 0.2624*2.6*1000= 683.24 kg/m3

Super plasticizer:
For 0.8% = (0.8 / 100)*583.53 = 4.668 ml

Correction for water:
Weight of water (For 0.8%) =146.28 – 4.668 =141.61 kg/m3

Requirement of materials per Cubic meter
Cement = 504.21 Kg/m3
Fine Aggregate = 683.24 Kg/m3
Coarse Aggregate = 1108.13 Kg/m3
Water = 141.61 Kg/ m3
Super plasticizers = 4.6681 / m3

So the final ratio becomes
Cement : Fine agg (kg/m3) : Coarse agg (kg/m3) : Water (l/m3): Superplasticizer (l/m3)

1: 1.35 :2.19 :0.29 :0.8


This concrete mix design has been submitted to us by Natarajan. We are thankful to him for this valuable contribution.

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this is very usefull to civil engineers

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Dear sir,
I wanna know how we can specify moisture correction on water content with respect to the nature of the surface of the aggregates in BIS method


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which specific gravity select for mix design bulk or apprant

rolly says:

Specific Gravity (OD) oven dry state is used in the design calculations…

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dear sir, i want to know how W/C ratio is selected for high strength concrete. in IS 10262-2009 there no provison for there any graph or table or any method for W/C other than trial and error method.

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