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Compare Direct and Indirect Contouring Methods

The Comparison of Direct and Indirect Contouring Methods is shown below in tabular form

S No Direct Method Indirect Method
1 Very tedious Not tedious
2 Accurate Less accurate
3 Slow Fast
4 Requires more resources Requires less resources
5 Suitable for contouring of small area. Suitable for large areas
6 Points are physically located on the


Points are interpolated in the office


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Obaniyi Fidelis Ademola says:

Pls, explain the differences between height of instrument and Rise and fall method in tabular form.

Santosh bhandari says:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct and indirect method of contouring

kavya says:

where is advantages and disadvantages of countoring.

ghongade amol says:

What are the uses of direct&indirect method

Dinesh sahu says:


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