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Air Traffic Control Towers Summit 2017

Description: Driven by immense requirements for incontestable safety & meticulousness of air navigation services as well as burgeoning rates of growth in airfields’ capacity expansion and airports construction throughout the world, numerous ATC Towers (ATCT) are being added every year across countries. Whether an ATCT is being maintained & retrofitted; planned afresh and designed on a new airfield; or constructed as a replacement tower, there are critical & sophisticated aspects Projects controllers, planners, developers, architects, engineers, end-users and necessary stakeholders need to consider during every phase of construction projects. These considerations involve sophisticated decision-making aspects including heights decision & siting analysis, structural analyses and non-structural damage prevention, foundation types geotechnical examination, seismic & wind performance design approaches, constructability studies and undoubtedly aesthetically architectural designs with recent attention given to environmental friendliness.


As part of Equip Global’s Global Aviation Infrastructure event series, the Air Traffic Control Towers Summit 2017’s key discussions and presentations will cover over 16 case studies, each specifically emphasizing different sets of issues and practices regarding Planning, Design, Engineering and Construction of ATC Towers. On top of, 4 Separately Bookable Expert-led Workshops with Various Topical Emphases are also available!!!

Don’t miss the unique presentations, case studies, interactive panel discussions, roundtables, networking opportunities featuring the developments, progresses, considerations in planning & design, obstacles overcome throughout construction & engineering stages as well as major and unconventional feats in the making of well-acclaimed ATCTs around the World. Gain the one-of-its-kind visions into every step through development of ATCTs that you will find nowhere else and turn such unmatchable advantages into your conscientiously designed, methodically constructed and iconic ATC Towers as well as tangible, distinguishing values for in your investment in airport construction projects.


Event Name: Air Traffic Control Towers Summit 2017
Event Date: 25 – 28April 2017
Event Location: Singapore
Contact Email:
Event Website:

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