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Transit Oriented Development Summit 2018

Leading Transit Oriented Development Summit Globally Comes to Singapore in 2018!

Equip Global’sTransit Oriented Development World Summit 2018 taking place from 13 -16 March 2018 has been tailored to bring together senior-level decision makers from the Ministries of Transportation, National Development, and Infrastructure, Housing Authorities, Urban Development Authorities, Rail Operators, Investment firms and City Planners around the Asian region and globally to provide a unique insight on how can you enhance TOD strategies within your cities through topics focused around public-private partnership (PPP), successful business model and finance mechanisms, getting the buy in from different stakeholders, success factors in site selection and analysis, best practices of urban design in TOD, best ways to integrate land use and transport planning and many more!

Transit Oriented Development Summit 2018

In addition, many success stories of TOD projects will be highlighted throughout the main summit to allow you to stay abreast of global trends!


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Start: 13 March 2018

End: 16March 2018


Organizer: Equip Global Pte Ltd

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